10 Amazing Free Apps For Students

The Best Productivity Apps For Iphone 2018
The Best Productivity Apps For Iphone 2018

Amazing Free Apps For Students Getting back to school is challenging. After a long, relaxing summer, the last thing you want to do is hop into a busy schedule, tests, and learning. However, you have to. Many students struggle with this each year – laziness has set in, and they can’t get themselves to keep up with their schedule, study, or write papers. Fortunately, we live in an age with free and useful apps.

Here are our top ten choices of best apps for students.



When you think about the best productivity app, Evernote probably comes first. This useful little tool can make your studies much more effective.

You can use it to write your notes and separate them into notebooks. You’ll be able to have them anywhere you go. In addition, Evernote comes with an audio recorder to record your lessons, a plug-in for desktop to save valuable pages on your laptop and read them later on mobile, a handwriting feature, a reminder and so on.

It usually comes pre-installed on Android devices but is free on Android and iOS stores. This app packs a lot of punch and could replace several apps for you.


Write My X

Write My X is a Web app that helps students with their writing. We all know how essay writing can be confusing and tedious. Luckily, this simple site holds plenty of resources, tips, grammar guides and citing information. As far as free sites go, this one has a lot of information that any student could find helpful.



Duolingo is a language learning app that turns boring language lessons into a game. If you are having trouble learning any language, Duolingo probably has easy and entertaining lessons. It’s completely free on both Android and iOS.



Are you looking for an excellent note-revising tool? This is the one for you. All those messy notes you leave can be sorted appropriately and formatted for easy reading on this site. It can also help you create exciting flashcards and fix your grammar and spelling issues. It’s completely free and comes with a myriad of helpful features.



Students all over the world swear by this flashcard, making an app. It uses advanced studying techniques and repetition to help you remember the most important parts of your lessons.

It’s colourful, fun and entertaining. You can also choose from thousands of illustrated topics. It’s free and available for Android and iOS.



This is an adorable focus app designed to keep you concentrated on your work. All you have to do is plant a virtual tree and leave your phone. The more time you spend off your phone and studying, the more the tree grows. Once you open a message or do anything else on your phone, your tree dies.

There are plenty of different tree options. You can set a timer and plant a tree – once a timer goes off, you can build an empire, but if you stop it before the appointed time, your tree will die. You can also set timers with friends on this app. It’s accessible on all devices.



Tide is another focus app with white noise sounds to help you study longer and with more focus. It invites you in with beautiful imagery, relaxing sounds and overall great minimalist design. Tide will also provide you with weekly or monthly focus stats.


My Study Life

This is a simple calendar designed for students. You can create schedules for studying, exams, tests, due dates, etc. It allows you to assign tasks to classes and has reminders so you don’t forget anything.

My Study Life also lets you set day and week rotation, so if you, for instance, have Math once every two weeks, you can easily put it on your calendar.


Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an invaluable source for all educational search queries. With this simple yet powerful search engine, you can find trigonometry help, statistics and so on.

It’s free on both Android and iOS.


Over To You

If you are a student looking to get the most out of your education, using these apps is your best bet. They can help you focus, get organized, and and study more efficiently. Find the one that works for you.


Author: Joel Syder is a business analyst and writer at Academic Brits. His main goal is to help people realize their potential in IT. Joel also enjoys writing articles about exciting topics and his interests.