The 10 Canadian Newspapers

Top 10 Campus Newspapers Canada
Top 10 Campus Newspapers Canada

Canada is not known for its news, but Americans are well-known for their newscast because it is entertaining, especially Trump in the office every tweet Makes nightly newscast,

Canadian Newspapers are still surviving in the digital age and staying strong because the news keeps happening every day; you should definitely consider reading the following Canadian newspapers.


The 10 Canadian Newspapers

Top 10 Campus Newspapers Canada
Top 10 Campus Newspapers Canada

10. The Province
Publisher: Postmedia
The Province has been a daily newspaper published in British Columbia since 1898.

9. Edmonton Gazette
Publisher: AMG Brands Network Inc
Edmonton Gazette has been publishing daily articles online since 2017


8. Financial Post
Publisher: Postmedia
First published in 1907, the Financial Post was folded into the National Post in 1998, where it continues to cover Canadian and International business news and developments.


7. 24 Heures Montreal
Publisher: Quebecor Media
24 Hours is a French-language free daily newspaper published in Montreal, Quebec.


6. Calgary Herald
Publisher: Postmedia Network
The Calgary Herald is a daily newspaper published in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Publication began in 1883 as The Calgary Herald, Mining and Ranche Advocate, and General Advertiser.


5. The Globe and Mail
Publisher: The Globe and Mail
In print for 170 years, The Globe and Mail deliver lively and authoritative coverage of national, international, business, technology, arts, entertainment and lifestyle news.


4. Metro Montreal
Publisher: Metro
Le quotidien gratuit Métro de Montreal propose de faire le tour de l’actualité et rester branché sur les Nouvelles urbaines.


3. Le Journal de Montreal
Publisher: Quebecor Media
Le Journal de Montreal is a daily tabloid newspaper published in Montreal. It is the largest circulating newspaper in Quebec and the highest-circulating French-language daily newspaper in North America.


2. La Presse
Publisher: Power Corp
La Presse is a French-language online-only newspaper published in Quebec. It is owned by Square Victoria Communications Group, a member of the Power Corporation group of companies.


1. Toronto Star
Publisher: Torstar
Toronto Star is Canada’s largest daily print newspaper, with the largest readership in the country. It is published seven days a week in the Greater Toronto Area.