10 Cheap Cities To Live In Around The World

​ 10 Cheap Cities To Live In Around The World
​ 10 Cheap Cities To Live In Around The World

As the economy goes, up-and-down people are always looking for affordable housing and cities. They can live in and save up for other things like retirement, dream vacations, or even a wedding as we know all those things come at significant price tag,

Particularly since you are student or recent graduate of University and College, you are already in student debt, and you want to lower your cost as much possible so you can start paying off your student’s debts,

Here are the 10 cities you should consider living and start saving up your hard earn money and save up for a dream car, purchase your first condo Apartment,

10. Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia
Panoramic view of Tbilisi at sunset – Georgia I Regent Holidays

Tbilisi can be an obscure place off of the beaten path, but not for much longer. It is said to be another must-see wine destination. The winemaking tradition here goes back about 4000 years. The ancient city is a beautiful rabbit-warren of narrow roads and alleys.

 Cost of Rent: $ 311
Meal: $ 6.23
Bus Pass $ 6.30
Gas: $ 0.83 per Liters
Wine $ 4.99
Clothing: $ 31.01
Fitness Club: $ 37.11
Average Salary $ 264.24
Data Reference

9. Managua, Nicaragua

Managua, Nicaragua
Nicaragua Managua South Mission

Managua is one of the old, down at the heels, absolutely charming Latin American cities that resemble that past as though time only ended moving back in 1962.

Cost of Rent: $ 272
Meal: $ 4.00
Bus Pass $ 7.50
Gas: $ 0.95 per Liters
Wine $ 11.00
Clothing: $ 30.00 (Zara, H&M)
Fitness Club: $ 35.00
Average Salary $ 409.55
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8. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa
overall aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa- Shutterstock

A heavenly alignment of the industrial plants for expats as the South African Rand is hitting fifteen-year lows with no letup in sight, making one of the world’s great destinations ridiculously affordable. It is no accident that more people visit Cape Town than the Great Pyramids

Cost of Rent: $ 538
Meal: $ 6.16
Bus Pass $ 7.92
Gas: $ 0.92 per Liters
Wine $ 4.62
Clothing: $ 23.09 (Zara, H&M)
Fitness Club: $ 35.00
Average Salary $ 1,283.69 
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7. Minsk, Belarus

Minsk at Night time

Poor Minsk requires a little travel loving. However, even 40 years ago, in his 1975 comedy Love and Death, Woody Allen uses Minsk as the set up for The Community Idiots Convention

Cost of Rent: $ 538
Meal: $ 5.00
Bus Pass $ 8.10
Gas: $ 0.59 per Liters
Wine $ 4.80
Clothing: $ 25.00 (Zara, H&M)
Fitness Club: $ 30.00
Average Salary $ 379.75
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6. Banjul, Gambia

Banjul with King Fahad Mosque

Banjul is just a little jewel by using an island in the Gambia River in The Gambia of which it is the capital. It offers an excellent market, a wonderful if decrepit old town in support of 43,000 people. Stunning beaches. The languorous tempo of life that agrarian societies have. Lonely Planet calls it “urban Africa at its best.”

Cost of Rent: $ 168
Meal: $ 2.23
Bus Pass $ 5.10
Gas: $ 1.26 per Liters
Wine $ 4.34
Clothing: $ 6.51 (Zara, H&M)
Fitness Club: $ 2.17
Average Salary $ 50.67
Data Reference

5. Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje, Macedonia
Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje is a cheap destination to live considering all the comparisons. A pound of Chicken is $2.31, and one-bedroom downtown apartment is $173

 Cost of Rent: $ 173
Meal: $ 3.65
Bus Pass $ 19.20
Gas: $ 1.17 per Liters
Wine $ 2.74
Clothing: $ 33.20 (Zara, H&M)
Fitness Club: $ 18.24
Average Salary $ 382.07 
Data Reference

4. Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia
Tunis Market

The fantastic beaches and the sublime combination of Arab, French and African effects will be cheaper to see but expats, especially Westerners, will require an incredible reason to stay there.

Cost of Rent: $ 102.68
Meal: $ 2.46
Bus Pass $ 19.20
Gas: $ 0.67 per Liters
Wine $ 3.29
Clothing: $ 33.20 (Zara, H&M)
Fitness Club: $ 16.43
Average Salary $ 276.56
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3. Karachi, Pakistan

Image result for Karachi, Pakistan

It appears to be fantastic with a prosperous industrial, commercial, imaginative and financial hub, one of the fastest growing cities on the globe. Called the City of Lights for its nonstop nightlife. Close to fabulous beach locations on the Arabian Sea

Cost of Rent: $ 115
Meal: $ 1.92
Bus Pass $ 5.70
Gas: $ 0.69 per Liters
Wine $ 4.32
Clothing: $ 40.69 (Zara, H&M)
Fitness Club: $5.60
Average Salary $ 305.19
Data Reference


2. Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek, Namibia
Windhoek, Namibia’s capital city, at sunset

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and largest town in the country. It has a westernized appearance and wouldn’t look out of place anywhere in North America. Well, except for north of the Tree Line.

Cost of Rent: $ 538.78
Meal: $ 5.42
Bus Pass $ 5.70
Gas: $ 0.69 per Liters
Wine $ 4.62
Clothing: $ 33.14 (Zara, H&M)
Fitness Club: $38.48
Average Salary $ 784.74
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1. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

At 63 Kyrgyzstani Som to the dollar, a gin and tonic set you back about a buck and a half while dinner will be five to 10 dollars. If you must, Marlboro’s are 86 cents a pack.

Cost of Rent: $ 203
Meal: $ 2.90
Bus Pass $ 5.70
Gas: $ 0.57 per Liters
Wine $ 3.63
Clothing: $ 33.14 (Zara, H&M)
Fitness Club: $21.77
Average Salary $ 220
Data Reference

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Credit: Escape here/ Bruce Yaccato