10 Lowest Paying Jobs In Canada 2018

10 Lowest Paying Jobs In Canada 2018
10 Lowest Paying Jobs In Canada 2018

After reviewing multiple data from Statistics Canada, our team ranks the lowest paying jobs in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, the average weekly income for Canadian workers is currently $952 — a little under $50,000 per year. However, most of the jobs on our list pay at least three times as much (and the lowest-paying occupations spend less than half the average).

Many jobs in Canada pay less than the median wage. In fact, according to data from PayScale, six of the lowest paying jobs in Canada are located in Winnipeg. Considering how expensive living in Manitoba can be, this may not come as a huge surprise. In Canada, the lowest paying jobs are often in the service industry.

The median yearly salary for a service worker is $26,000. This is lower than any other sector of the workforce. It is also lower than the national average salary of $38,000. In comparison, the top-earning professions in Canada are in engineering and technology. These professions have median yearly salaries that range from $86,000 to $130,000. Several jobs in Canada pay below the national average wage.

The lowest paying jobs in Canada are usually found in retail, food service, and personal care. These jobs typically do not require a college degree and often do not offer benefits such as health insurance or retirement plans. To find the lowest-paying jobs in Canada, it is vital to research each province and city. There may be some rare exceptions to the rule, so it is always best to ask around before settling on a job.


Here Are The lowest paying jobs in Canada 2018

  • Sewing machine operator 
  • Cook fast food 
  • Cashier 
  • Dishwasher 
  • Bartender 
  • Restaurant host/hostess 
  • Service station attendant 
  • Food and beverage server
  • Food counter attendant
  • Babysitters, nannies, and parent’s helpers 

Keep in mind that tipping is not included in this list. Bartenders and wait staff, particularly in higher-end restaurants, can make quite comfortable livings despite receiving low hourly salaries and most of their revenue from tips.

Working in Canada, a federal government website breaks out incomes for various occupations by provinces and cities across Canada. It’s a handy tool for determining how your paycheque compares and planning your next salary negotiation.

In fact, according to data from PayScale, six of the ten lowest-paying jobs in Canada are in the workforce. Furthermore, although many people may earn a median wage for their job, others earn significantly less than this figure. 

Several jobs in Canada pay the least amount of salary. One example is working as a cashier. Cashiers typically make an annual salary of $25,000 or less. Other low-paying jobs in Canada include working as a cook, nanny, or labourer.