10 Reasons to Choose a Career in Nursing

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With the projected impending shortage of nurses, nursing remains a popular career choice. Nurses have different motivations for choosing their career, but most of them state it is their desire to help others. Besides caring for others,

Here are 10 Reasons to Choose a Career in Nursing.


1. Nurses work in a variety of work settings. Nurse work settings seem almost endless. For example, you could be off weekends, holidays, and summers if you worked as a school nurse. Or, work at a research facility as a nurse researcher. Also, nurses can work from home. One common work from home job is nurse coaching for an insurance company.

2. Nurses wear scrubs to work. Seriously, the awesomeness of wearing pajamas to work does not need an explanation.

3. Experienced nurses rarely have trouble finding the job. In most geographical areas of the U.S., nurses with a couple of years of experience can easily find a job.

4. Nurses have the opportunity to travel the world. Travel nursing is the ultimate opportunity for nurses who love to travel. Very few professions allow you to travel and choose your own destination every 13 weeks.

5. Nurses can be entrepreneurs. Nurses have a unique variety of skills and knowledge that can be used in business. For example, nurse inventors can develop and patent medical devices.

6. The nurse can specialize in their area of interest. There are so many nursing specialties that nurses can focus on what they love to do. For example, if a nurse discovers that taking care of adults is not personally fulfilling, then they can switch jobs and become a pediatric nurse.

7. Nurses are the most trusted profession. Is there a greater honor bestowed upon a profession than being the most trusted?

8. Nurses have the opportunity to witness the beginning of life. Nothing compares to being present and witnessing the miracle of birth. Labor and delivery nurses have the joy of experiencing this on a daily basis.

9. Nursing can be an adrenaline rush. Admittedly, some areas are more exciting than others. But, if you are the type to get bored quickly, nursing may be the profession for you.

10. Nurses have the option of working different shifts. Not a morning person? No problem, because night nurses are always needed