The 10 schools with the most alumni at Google

The 10 schools with the most alumni at Google
The 10 schools with the most alumni at Google

Google is a technology giant and the most valuable company behind Apple; every graduate student wants to work for the best companies because technology is the future.

Google takes cares of its employees, and in exchange, the employees take care of the business and go beyond and above expectation to deliver fresh idea’s  to the table so the Google can continue to dominate technology industries

University Magazine conducted research to find the top 10 school that has most alumni at Google, and other data is gathered from Business Insider, Top Universities, US News


1. Stanford UniversityStanford University

Stanford University is a private research school in Stanford, California, adjacent to Palo Alto and between San Jose and San Francisco. Its 8,180-acre campus is one of the Largest in the United States.

Stanford computer science program is rank  Number in the nation, but it is sharing number one  spot with MIT, CMU according to the top Universities, Us News

Overall Score: 93.6
Academic Reputation: 87.6
Citation per Paper: 99.4
Acceptance rate: 4.8 %
Employer Reputation: 95.4
Us News Ranking #: 1 (Tie)
Top Universities Rank #: 2


2. University of California, BerkeleyRelated image

The University of California, Berkeley, is a public research university located in Berkeley, California
Founded in 1868, Berkeley is the oldest of the ten research universities in the University of California system

University of California, Berkeley is Computer Sciences offers one of the field’s most influential research and instructional programs anywhere in the world.
Because the programs have been regularly ranked in the top nationwide by those who list academic programs

Overall Score: 89.9
Academic Reputation: 85.4
Citation per Paper: 98
Acceptance rate: 17.5
Employer Reputation: 89.2
Us News Ranking #: 1 (Tie)
Top Universities Rank #: 4


3. Carnegie Mellon UniversityImage result for Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is a private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1900 by Andrew Carnegie as the Carnegie Technical Schools,
Carnegie Mellon University is an internationally ranked research university known for interdisciplinary programs for Computer Science

Overall Score: 91.9
Academic Reputation: 100
Citation per Paper: 93.2
Acceptance rate: 13.7
Employer Reputation: 79.2
Us News Ranking #: 1 (Tie)
Top Universities Rank #: 3


4. Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyImage result for Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a Private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, often cited as one of the world’s most esteemed universities

Overall Score: 94
Academic Reputation: 90.1
Citation per Paper: 94.8
Acceptance rate: 7.9 %
Employer Reputation: 96.6
Us News Ranking #: 1 (Tie)
Top Universities Rank #: 1


5. University of California, Los AngelesImage result for ucla campus

The University of California, Los Angeles is a public research university in the Westwood district of Los Angeles, California, United States

Overall Score: 83.1
Academic Reputation: 76.7
Citation per Paper: 92.5
Acceptance rate: 18
Employer Reputation: 85.4
Us News Ranking #: 13
Top Universities Rank #: 13


6. University of MichiganImage result for university of michigan campus

The University of Michigan frequently referred to simply as “Michigan,” is a public research university in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

Overall Score: 75.3
Academic Reputation: 63.7
Citation per Paper: 91.4
Acceptance rate: 28.6 %
Employer Reputation: 76.1
Us News Ranking #: 13 ( Tie)
Top Universities Rank #: 46


7. Cornell University

Cornell University is an American private Ivy League and land-grant doctoral university located in Ithaca, New York

Overall Score: 81.1
Academic Reputation: 76.5
Citation per Paper: 96.7
Acceptance rate: 14 %
Employer Reputation: 76.5
Us News Ranking #:6 (Tie)
Top Universities Rank #: 21


8. University of WashingtonRelated image

The University of Washington commonly referred to as simply Washington, “U-Dub, ” is a public research university whose largest and original campus is in Seattle, Washington, United States

Overall Score: 81.8
Academic Reputation: 81.9
Citation per Paper: 98.3
Acceptance rate: 45 %
Employer Reputation: 68.8
Us News Ranking #: 6 (Tie)
Top Universities Rank #: 16


9. University of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignImage result for University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, also known as U of I, University of Illinois, UIUC, or simply Illinois, is a public research-intensive university in the U.S. state of Illinois

Overall Score: 80.2
Academic Reputation: 75.7
Citation per Paper: 95.9
Acceptance rate: 66 %
Employer Reputation: 71.2
Us News Ranking #: 5 (Tie)
Top Universities Rank #: 30


10. Harvard UniversityImage result for harvard university

Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, established in 1636, whose history, influence, and wealth have made it one of the world’s most prestigious universities

Overall Score: 88.4
Academic Reputation: 79.4
Citation per Paper: 95.2
Acceptance rate: 4.5 %
Employer Reputation: 100
Us News Ranking #: 18 (Tie)
Top Universities Rank #: 6