10 Things To Do In Edmonton

10 Things To Do In Edmonton
10 Things To Do In Edmonton

10 Things To Do In Edmonton – Edmonton is one of my favoured cities in Canada because it is unique in every way. It is also formerly known as City of Champions after Edmonton Oilers won their first Stanley Cup in 1984; the city councillors Decided to Call it “ City of Champion.” However, now it’s known as Tracktown of Canada because of uprising  Track and Field Athletes in the city.


1. Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park
The train station at Fort Edmonton Park I Alberta Tourism

The Riverside reconstruction of Hudson’s Bay Company’s log castle offers you a glimpse into lifestyles in a buying and selling post in the 1840s, right all the way down to the smell of tanned hides. To reach it, skip by way of the nineteen twenties Midways and farm, and a few blocks of Edmonton in the Twenties, 1905 and 1885. Hop on a road vehicle or horse carriage, chat with ‘locals’ (employees dressed up from the revenant era), perform a little yesteryear shopping or try the penny arcade.


2. Duchess Bake Shop

Duchess Bake Shop
Duchess Bake Shop

Duchess is a destination. You’d skip town to eat here – barefoot in the snow if required. Feeling like it dropped straight from France, complete with Louis XV–style chairs, the Duchess’ French-press coffee and a huge selection of fresh baking leave you spoiled for choice. Mocha Meringues, cream-cheese-and-leek croissants, and cherry basil eclairs are just the end of the iceberg.

Duchess is also well-known for its macarons. Try the salted caramel, and you will know why. Arrive early on, before the queuing locals have stripped the cases bare. There’s an affiliated provisions shop next door where you can grab the cookbook, coffee, and kits for baking at home.


3. Art Gallery of Alberta

Art Gallery of Alberta Edmonton
Art Gallery of Alberta – Edmonton – Tourism Media

With the starting of this maverick art gallery in 2010, Edmonton, at last, gained today’s signature building to counter the ubiquitous boxy skyscrapers with an enormous glass-and-metal space helmet. Its collection includes 6000 pieces of historical and modern-day art, many of which have strong Canadian bias, which turns through eight galleries. Numerous rewarding momentary shows also pass through, and you will find a shop, theatre, and restaurant on-site.


4. Block 1912

Block 1912
Block 1912: From the Hidden Gem to the Diamond of Whyte

A regal makes an effort at an authentic Torinese coffee bar; this welcoming place allows you to recline on European-style sofas, armchairs and enjoy your coffee, Beer, wine beneath twinkly lights. Grab a treat or something more substantial like coffee-crusted steak or Thai chicken. Gelato will come in fab flavours like root beer float or crème caramel, and sweets are drool-worthy.


5. Packrat Louie Kitchen & Bar

Packrat Louie Kitchen & Bar
Packrat Louie Kitchen & Bar

Tucked off Whyte Ave in a transformed brick building, Louie’s is gourmet. Mains like black-olive-crusted cod, housemade chorizo fritters, or pork tenderloin with sp? tzle and untamed mushroom wine beverages sauce have graced the ever-changing menu that’s always impressive. Pizzas are taken up to a fresh level, and even the lunchtime sandwiches are orgasmic. Reservations suggested.


6. Old Strathcona Farmers Market

Old Strathcona Farmers Market
Old Strathcona Farmers Market

Since it started in 1983, the market’s motto has been ‘We Make it! We Bake it! We Grow it! We Sell it!’ Inside the city’s old bus storage area, it offers anything from organic food to arts and crafts and hosts some 130 sellers. Everyone comes here on Saturday morning. You would be wise to do the same.


7. Transcend Coffee

Transcend Coffee
Transcend Coffee

Within a city where cafes producing their own micro-roasted coffee beans are few, Transcend should be treated like gold dust. Expert baristas on first-name conditions with their Guatemalan farmer-producers concoct cups of their own roasted caffeine with enough precision to gratify a severely decaffeinated Seattleite. In a very renovated theatre, this area is hip, however, not remotely pretentious.


8. Edmonton International Fringe Festival

Edmonton International Fringe Festival
Fringe Theatre Festival | Edmonton International Fringe

The Ultimate  Edmonton experience can be an 11-day program of the live alternate theatre on outdoor stages, parks, and small theatres and locations. It is second in proportions and then the Edinburgh Fringe Event. Many shows are free, and no solution costs more than $15. There’s no booking – you select a theatre and stand in line. The festival draws half a million people every year to Old Strathcona.


9. Alberta Legislature

Alberta Legislature
A view of the Alberta Legislature I Ryan Jackson Photography

Perched where Fort Edmonton once stood, the Legislature is home to politicians, debate, and some surprisingly good artwork. With its iconic dome and marble interiors, it is a local landmark. Join a free, hourly 45-minute tour, then relax on the magnificent grounds. If you’ve less time, go to the interpretive middle, which displays details of the building’s architectural and political history.


10. North Saskatchewan River Valley

North Saskatchewan River Valley
Edmonton River Valley I Edmonton

Edmonton has more specified urban parkland than some other city in North America, almost all of it in an interconnected riverside renewable belt that cuts the metropolis in half. The green zone is flecked with lakes, bridges, outdoor areas, golf classes, ravines, and roughly 160km worth of bicycling and walking tracks. It is easily accessed from downtown.