10 things you should make your kids pay for

10 things you should make your kids pay for
10 things you should make your kids pay for

Kids these days are independent and can usually get by without help from their parents. That being said, there are some things that kids should still be prepared to pay for on their own.

Shopping is a big one – not only do kids need to pay for the items they buy, but they also need to think about transportation costs and any extra expenses associated with moving.

Toys and games can also be expensive, so kids must learn how to budget for them. And finally, college is a huge expense that most people don’t think about until it’s too late. Make sure your kids know how to plan for these costs, so they don’t run into trouble later in life.


Things you should make your kids pay for


Movies and TV

Movie theatres and TV networks have been making a lot of money from us for years. But what about our kids? Are they getting the whole experience by having to pay for things? Here are six things you should make your kids pay for:

  1. Movie tickets. Most movie theatres now require children to purchase their tickets. This is especially true for blockbuster movies where there may be multiple showings. However, if you’re with a large group, buying all the tickets can be cheaper than splitting them among the group.
  2. Cable TV. Most cable companies now have bundles that include television services and movie channels like HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime. Unless your child is already subscribed to these channels, they will likely need to start paying for them separately.
  3. Toys.


Designer clothing and accessories

Designer clothing and accessories can be expensive, but there are ways to help your kids pay for them without breaking the bank.

Here are a few tips:

  • Look for designer outlet stores or department stores that sell clothing and accessories at marked-down prices.
  • Visit consignment shops and flea markets where you can find designer items for much less than retail prices.
  • Compare prices online before you purchase to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
  • Consider making a gift certificate or giving cash instead of handing over expensive pieces of merchandise.


Candy, Gum, and other sweet treats

Many parents allow their children to enjoy sweet treats without paying for them. However, there are times when a child must earn something to receive something valuable. This is especially true with candy, gum, and other sugary snacks.



College is expensive, and it can be hard for parents to come up with the money to help their kids pay for it. But there are some things that parents should make their kids pay for, like tuition, room and board, and books.

These costs can add up quickly and can be tough to cover on a student’s own. But by making these arrangements early on, families can save money and ensure that their children have the best chance of getting into the college of their dreams.


Toys and games

Some parents are adamant that their kids should have to pay for their toys and games. Others feel that it’s unfair to put a price tag on something meant to be enjoyed by all.

Here are four reasons why you might want to consider charging your children for their favourite toys and games:

  1. It can help them learn financial responsibility. For example, if they have to pay for what they want, they’ll learn how to budget and economize.
  2. It can teach them some discipline. But, on the other hand, if they have to save up for the toy they want, they may be more likely to put in the hard work at school or elsewhere in their lives.
  3. It can encourage creativity and innovation. By encouraging kids to come up with creative ways of making money, they may be more likely to develop new business ideas down the road.
  4. It can teach them that taking a loss is okay. For example, kids get a thrill out of buying toys, but they don’t always have the money to pay for them. So taking the loss is an important part of learning how to be fair.


Pets and pet supplies

When it comes to adding pets to your family, pet supplies are one of the first expenses you may have to foot. But, whether you’re buying food, toys, or cages, there are some things your kids should be responsible for.

Pets can be expensive, so your kids must learn to budget for them. This is a great way to teach them about money management, and they’ll appreciate the lessons even more when they’re out on their own.


Gifts for friends and family

When it comes to gifts for friends and family, most people agree that kids should always be given a gift certificate. But what about the adults in their lives? Here are three thoughtful and affordable gift ideas for friends and family members of all ages:

  1. A home improvement project – Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home or improve the value of your property, a home improvement project can be a fantastic gift for friends and family members. Many businesses offer significant discounts if you buy a package deal, so don’t hesitate to ask around.
  2. Flowers – Give the someone you care about flowers! Of course, they are beautiful, but they also send a message of appreciation and love. Plus, many florists offer free delivery on orders over $50.
  3. iPhone – Want to show your friend how much you care? Then, consider buying them an iPhone. They look great, but they are also a practical gift that can be used in any situation.
  4. Gift cards – Give the gift of choice!


Cosmetics and beauty supplies

What do you think about making your kids financially responsible for their cosmetics and beauty supplies? Do you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea? Of course, there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument, but in the end, what matters is what works best for your family.

Some parents feel that nagging their children to pay for their makeup is effective in getting them to use less and save more; others believe that teaching children financial responsibility from a young age will help them make better choices later on in life.

The important thing is to figure out what’s best for your family and be honest about how much money they’re spending on cosmetics. If they’re not comfortable paying, it’s time to review their budgets and find other ways to save money.


Any items freely available elsewhere

There are certain items that, for whatever reason, are commonly available without charge. But what about the things you think your kids should be paying for?

Here are five reasons why you might want to start charging your kids for some of the things they take for granted:

  1. They’re not using it properly. If something is free, it’s not being used to its full potential. For example, if you have a garden and let your kids play in it without requiring them to water the plants, they’re not taking advantage of all the gardening opportunities. Charging them will force them to get their hands dirty and learn how to care for plants properly.
  2. It’s costing you money in the long run.
  3. They’re wasting your time.
  4. You don’t have the money to pay for their services (and you never will if you let them do it for free).
  5. They’re getting ideas that are not good for them or others.


Replacements for items they broke

Parents often feel they have to replace items their kids broke. But some alternatives can be more cost-effective and even have fun benefits.

Here are six replacements for things your kids might break:

  1. A game of capture the flag or tag – is a great way to get the family together and exercise while having some laughs.
  2. A DIY project – taking on a new home improvement project can be a great way to spend time together, learn something new, and have some laughs when things go wrong.
  3. An afternoon picnic in the park – packing a blanket and some snacks and heading out for an afternoon picnic is a great way to spend time together, get some fresh air, and build memories that will last long into adulthood.
  4. A fun craft project a fun new craft project is also a great way to spend time together.
  5. Family game night games are always an excellent addition to any family get-together.
  6. A movie night watching a movie together is a great way to enjoy quality time and relax.