14 Tried And Tested Fundraising Ideas For College Teams

14 Tried And Tested Fundraising Ideas For College Teams
14 Tried And Tested Fundraising Ideas For College Teams

Pursuing a goal or plan for your college organization or team requires monetary forms. However, whatever resources you need can be achieved when you could attain the cash you need. One way of doing this is to organize a fundraising program on your campus. Continue reading this article, and you’ll find various fundraising ideas that can help you and your teammates achieve your goals.

You might be familiar with how fundraising works but may lack information about its nuts and bolts. Raising cash, after all, isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, the good news is that there are so many diverse ways to engage people in your cause. From conventional methods, like asking for donations through text to holding competitions, this list can give you more ideas to choose from on your next fundraising event. Also, you may visit sites such as https://adrenalinefundraising.com/ for more fundraising support.


Here are some fun, cheap, and creative fundraising ideas that your college group can hold:


1. Organizing In-House Shows

This first idea is to hold in-house shows, depending on your field of interest. In addition to raising money for your cause, such activities can give your college’s clubs and societies that much-needed exposure. Whether the show is about music or anything else, many of your team members are more than willing to showcase their talents.

Also, you can ask for help from faculty members as their connections, and even hidden talents can make these events more successful. It would surely be an honour for faculty members to contribute their talents to a cause. This will allow them to go beyond being instructors and become active participants in college activities. In addition, shows created out of a collaboration between students and teachers make them more memorable and fulfilling.


2. Selling Secondhand And Used Items

Another fundraising idea is to ask your team members to donate their used stuff. This can range from used clothing, gadgets, and appliances to school books and other essentials that can still be salvaged and used. Ensure to relay the purpose of this fundraising event, and resell these secondhand items at your campus.

These essentials can be purchased at half their original price, or even less for new students, benefiting both the buyers and your fundraising event. When deciding on the things to sell, make sure that they’re still in good condition, they’ve been sanitized well and priced reasonably so other students can afford them.


3. Hold Charity Auctions

Organizing a charity auction can be a rapid and enjoyable way to raise more funds and interact face-to-face with your donors. The ultimate perk of this event is that your organization will be exposed to businesses, and you’ll get to meet people who share the same vision and cause. You can also approach local businesses to donate items for your charity auction.

These may not always come in the form of cash, so you can take advantage of their donations to make your campaign livelier and more enjoyable. You can go above and beyond by preparing food and drinks and sending out electronic invites to possible donors and contributors. It’s best to express the purpose of your charity and how others can benefit from it.


4. Use Text-To-Give Fundraising Method

Team fundraisers can use text-to-donate as a relatively new way to accept donations. The prevalence of smartphones makes this fundraising method effective and convenient.
First off, you need to work with a text-to-give provider that caters to the features you need. Your supporters will then be able to give by text. First, however, you need to market your campaign as much as possible.

Some methods are to print out pamphlets that contain your text-to-give numbers and your purpose. Eventually, donors will be able to donate to your organization through text message! Another promotion alternative is to post it online on different social media platforms.


5. Seek Support And Donations From Alumni

Colleges, departments, and clubs hold a special place in the hearts of their alumni. This is why they’re also one of the most viable people to ask for support and help from. You may be able to solicit their service for a fundraising event or charity campaign.

Colleges and universities keep contact information about their students and alumni in databases. You can approach your alumni centers for these. Finally, you can send out your information through email or text when you get their contact information.


6. Hold Cultural Events In Your College

College students, especially those from diverse backgrounds, are attracted to college cultural events. Take advantage of this fact when you see that your campus is filled with ex-pats. The contributions of international students to such events can be enormous. There can be food and art involved.

It’s up to you how to organize these events. For example, you can feature one specific culture and other cultures in the succeeding events. You can then raise funds for these events by charging an entrance fee from all students and collecting rental payments from food stalls.


7. Organize A Community Picnic

Making your community part of your team is the perfect strategy. And, no one can ever say no to having an enjoyable picnic outdoors! You’ll need blankets, plates, drinks, food, and beverages to hold your community picnic! Decide on a good day and location, then publicize your event!.

You may try out a fun and easy recipes for the summer for the picnic. However, a community potluck at your event is even more possible so that you won’t have to prepare all the dishes yourself. In addition, admission to your picnic can be charged either as a general fee or per plate, and this can be one way to keep the fundraising money coming.


8. Partner With Your Local Grocery Stores And Deliver Groceries

With a paid grocery delivery service, you can save your community from having to do their groceries. Provide grocery delivery to your neighbours by partnering with some of the nearby local stores.

Apart from raising money, you’ll be helping out the members of your community. This makes your strategy a win-win for everyone. So make sure to get enough workforce as volunteers for delivering groceries. And, of course, don’t forget to promote this activity online and on-campus.


9. Organize A Family Event

Host an event geared toward families on a free weekend. You can invite students and their families to join and prepare fun activities for them. For example, you can organize cook-off sessions between the students and their parents. To make the event more fun, you can set up a photo booth so everyone can have a keepsake for the event. Parents and families can then help fund your fundraising through their donations.


10. Conduct Educational Classes

College clubs can use their talents and skills to raise money. Offer an academic or hobby class every week, and charge a fee for each lesson, student or attendee. You can hold these classes inside the campus or at a different location to target students’ families.

You may apply the pay-if-you-come mode, so your attendees won’t feel pressured or overwhelmed. However, a booking system that requires attendees to pay in advance is the best option if there are limited seats or if you anticipate a high attendance rate. This will make your classes more organized and effective.


11. Hold A Carwash Fundraising Event

The group can raise funds by holding a car wash event with a local car wash business. You can come up with a deal and bring in your own supplies and added workforce so that you can get a percentage for the day’s sales.

The things you need must include shampoos, towels, buckets, and sponges. Do it on a sunny day, and promote it through social media and email. To encourage everyone’s participation, share your purpose for holding this event.


12. Organize A Fun Outdoor Barbecue Event

Barbecue is a delight that no one can resist. Apart from pork, chicken, or beef, make sure you provide lots of other options. Set up your team to organize this fantastic barbecue fundraising event and seek volunteers to grill up burgers and other foods. Make an announcement regarding this event in any media form, like brochures, school magazines, or online platforms. Ways to raise funds through this are to charge an admission fee or sell the barbecue items you’ve prepared.


13. Hold A Lip Sync Contest

Putting a new twist on karaoke should be easy with a lip-sync contest. This fundraising idea is quite exciting and unique. No singing is required, so the attendees won’t have to worry about being embarrassed to sing in front of the audience. Judges can score and rank the content based on their performance and not their voice. Many students will be eager to participate. Possibly, this also extends to the larger community. You can raise funds through votes and entrance fees.


14. Partner With A Food Truck Business

Food trucks can help you raise money and give your community great food! So, choose the perfect food truck business in your area and partner with them. You should work with a company whose profit margin will allow for a healthy return on investment and one that your fans will love! Ask your friends, classmates, and peers, so you’ll know what food items will appeal most to students.



Organizing and managing an event can help you develop essential skills, such as leadership, teamwork, planning, and even accounting. But, most importantly, these events will allow you to raise funds and extra resources for your college team or organization. Hopefully, the fundraising ideas mentioned above are worth trying for you and your teammates.