20 Things To Do Before You Graduate University

20 Things To Do Before You Graduate University
20 Things To Do Before You Graduate University

Some college experiences are a rite of passage, whether you attend a two-year community college or a four-year university. Finally, all of your hard work has paid off, and you’ve been accepted to university.

Right now, we’re sure you’re wondering what the next steps are. The ten activities listed below will undoubtedly assist you in preparing for one of life’s most significant events: beginning your new path in higher education in September.

No university experience is complete without these, from pranks to pre-drinks. So before you graduate, make sure you cross them all off your list. How many have you completed to date?


20 Things To Do Before You Graduate University


20. Go speed dating

A speed-dating session is the best way to overcome your phobia of meeting new people. However, you’ll have the chance to meet a lot of new individuals outside of your circle of friends, and you never know; you might meet your soul mate.


19. Host a dinner party

Dinner gatherings are only for grown-ups. But, even if it’s simply spaghetti and sauce, you’ll have a lot of fun attempting to mix a fancy lunch for your friends. If that isn’t enough, you could even take turns hosting dinner parties in the style of Come Dine With Me.


18. Visit a mate at another university

Because you’re likely to have friends at universities all over the country, take advantage of this opportunity to go to places you’ve never been before. Your friend can show you around and show you all the great spots, including the best bars for a cheap pint.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to look around another university and evaluate how it compares to yours.


17. Do an internship

With a summer internship, you can gain real-world experience in the workplace. Internships look excellent on your resume and allow you to obtain valuable experience in your field. Of course, we hope you are compensated for your time, but if you are on an unpaid internship, see our path to financial independence.


16. Make it into the student newspaper

Either by writing in it or by doing a newsworthy action. You can show your friends at the pub and perhaps send one home to your proud parents before framing it and hanging it on your wall as a keepsake. And become is well-known on campus.


15. Try out a weird society

You’re probably never going to get another chance to play Quidditch or dress up as a Viking, so jump in and attempt something downright bizarre. It may become your new favourite hobby, or you could make a fool of yourself and never show your face again in the worst-case scenario. In either case, you’ll be sorry you didn’t try it sooner.


14. Buy a university hoodie

Because, if you didn’t buy the university hoodie and wear it at every opportunity, were you even a student? They are, nevertheless, the ideal hangover outfit and a university rite of passage. They’re also really comfortable.


13. Set up your own business

Did you know that one of the ideal periods to exercise your entrepreneurial spirit is during your university years? We’ve talked to students who have generated money in various ways, from Instagramming Love Island outfits to running an alpaca farm. Start with one of our top university business ideas.


12. Have a BBQ

It’s uncommon that the British weather is warm enough for a BBQ, so if you’re lucky enough to have more excellent weather, pick up a portable grill from the supermarket and invite your friends over for some beers in the sun. No doubt you’ll burn everything and eat Doritos while you wait for it to cook, but that’s part of the fun.


11. Get a part-time job

A part-time job is a requirement for many students at university, but even if you don’t need one, they’re a terrific way to supplement your income and learn new skills. It also looks fantastic on a résumé! Long university vacations are ideal for earning money, but you can also work a few hours before or after school or on weekends. Just make sure you have plenty of time to study and unwind.


10. Run

Grab your sneakers and start running, whether it’s a colour run, a half-marathon, or a Tough Mudder. Even if you’re not a natural runner, you’ll be astonished at what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.

You may even try to get one of your housemates to join you in the gym for added motivation. Running through a rainbow of colours is also a lot of fun!.


9. Try all the drinking games

Drinking a few drinks before heading out can save you a lot of money, but you can make it more interesting by playing some fun games. Ring of Fire may be the most well-known drinking game, but there’s an entire world of activities to do before you start drinking.

With our comprehensive drinking games, you may become the master and impress your friends with your knowledge.


8. Get elected to a society committee

Joining a society is commonplace, but being elected to a committee is a significant accomplishment. So join the society, establish friends, and run for a position of leadership when the time comes.

Being in control of society is not only a fantastic feeling, but it will also impress future employers. You can even form your society if you can’t locate one that suits your interests.


7. Go to a music festival

Your undergraduate years are ideal for embracing the wellies, dirt, and pandemonium of a music festival, and there are plenty to pick from. Festivals aren’t inexpensive, but they’re a terrific chance to see a lot of your favourite acts. You may also read our ideas on saving money at a festival to make sure you don’t go bankrupt.


6. Create an epic fancy dress costume

Getting outrageously over-invested in fancy dress costumes is one of the most delicate parts of undergraduate life. Spend a day creating a fantastic fancy dress outfit that will impress everyone, whether it’s for a pub crawl, a house party, or a themed club night (speaking from experience, it might even lead to some free drinks).


5. Pull an all-nighter

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a fun part of university life, but it’s something that every student has to do at some point. You might find yourself in the library with an essay due the next day, some snacks (essential), and writing all night. The next day, you’ll feel terrible, but you’ll never forget another deadline. Hopefully.


4. Throw a house party

Yes, the clean-up operation may take weeks, but you must have a house party if you live in university student housing. Bring out the most prominent speakers you can find, make a killer playlist, and send out a ton of invitations. But make sure your neighbours are aware of it ahead of time. You don’t want to be penalized.


3. Support your university sports team

Even if you’re not a sports lover, nothing beats cheering for the rugby/hockey/rowing team at a varsity tournament to make you feel more pleased to be a part of your university community.

There will almost certainly be a plethora of amusing chants, scarf waving, and day drinking. So why not join a sports team if you enjoy sports? It’s a fantastic way to remain in shape while also meeting new people.


2. Go on a day trip

It’s easy to forget that there’s a huge world outside of your university cocoon. However, there are some fantastic opportunities to experience new areas, especially if your university city is far away from where you previously resided.

Take a day trip by bus or train with your friends one weekend. Getting away from your daily routine and having a break from university life is necessary, whether you go to the beach, the countryside, or another city.


1. Take part in a student protest

There’s a lot to be angry about as a student, like rising tuition prices and the elimination of Maintenance Grants, and there’s no better way to get your voice known than by attending a student demonstration. If you create a placard with a clever slogan, you’ll get bonus points.