24 Kind Things to Do This Advent

‘Tis the season of goodwill and as advent is rapidly approaching, it’s time to take a moment out of your day to do something good! Kindness takes no time at all and should be easy, so why is it so hard? Julette Millien outlines,

Kindness is an act of love. Now we do a great job of an acting kind and loving but often we’re really not having the inner experience to back those actions up.  This conflict makes being kind very tiring and draining.

People often argue they have other things on their minds. They’re too busy. Perhaps, they just don’t think to… But it’s so easy! So this advent, here are 24 kind things you can do each day on the run up to Xmas!

Day 1: Compliment a Stranger

Yes, it’s daunting and may feel unnatural. But how nice would you feel if someone came over to you and said: “I love your smile!” It takes a few seconds and will really brighten up someone’s day! Don’t be creepy though!

Day 2: Leave a Generous Tip When You Get Your Morning Coffee

Generosity is lacking these days. Even if it’s still small, sacrificing that change for a good server will be a brilliant start to your day!

Day 3: Offer to Help Someone With Their Shopping Bags

People have a lot of shopping to do during Advent. Many times you see a lone person struggling with bags to their car. Offer to help them! Even if they decline, you still did something great!

Day 4: Give Your Grandparent/s or a Family Member a Call

We’re all so busy these days and rarely get a chance to speak to extended family! Think how appreciative they’d be just to hear your voice, even if you have nothing to say!

Day 5: Forgive Someone and Let Go

Forgiveness is tough. So is being the better person, but you’re five days in! It’s time for something a touch more daunting. And think about that weight that’ll lift from your shoulders!

Day 6: Pick Up Litter and Dispose of it Correctly

It’s just not nice to see litter. Even if it’s not yours do the right thing, pick it up and bin it!

Day 7: Donate Old Clothes

One mans trash is another’s treasure! And if you can’t be charitable at Christmas, when can you be…

Day 8: Plant a Tree

God only knows we need more! Even if you have no outdoor space yourself, go to a local green space. Whenever you feel down, you can go and visit your tree.

Day 9: Make Your Friends a Meal

There’s nothing more intimate than sitting down for food and conversation! And there’s nothing kinder than cooking for someone!

Day 10: Befriend the Quiet Person and Invite Them Round for a Coffee

Most of the time the quiet people are just shy. By extending friendship you take the anxiety away from them and get a new friend out of it!

Day 11: Sing Carols for a Local Nursing Home

No one should be lonely ever, but especially not at Christmas. Offer to help out for a day and then encourage a sing-along of all the old Xmas classics!

Day 12: Email a Teacher That’s Made a Difference in Your Life

Everyone loves to hear that they’re appreciated! Make their job worthwhile!

Day 13: Send a Care Package to an Underprivileged Child

There are so many children in the world too poor to have a Christmas! Give them one to remember.

Day 14: Buy a Big Bag of Chocolate and Give Them Out Around Your Workplace/ Campus

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Day 15: Invite Your Whole Class/Colleagues Over For Cocoa and Cookies

It’s a great way to get to know people you work alongside!

Day 16: Smile When You Feel Like Scowling

It’s hard to do. But just a smile will make you feel so much better, even if it won’t solve the issue.

Day 17: Lend Your Favourite Book to Someone

Then meet up to discuss how good it is!

Day 18: Offer to Look Over Someone’s Assignment

Feedback to them. Who knows, they might do the same for you and it’s always handy to have an outside opinion!

Day 19: Offer Your Seat on the Bus or Subway

Even to someone who might not need it. If you can stand on public transport, give up your seat!

Day 20: Hand Make Christmas Presents

Shop bought are all well and good. But everyone gets those. Make your Christmas presents this year, it’s far more personal and thoughtful!

Day 21: Bring Your Room Mate/Partner Breakfast in Bed

And do the washing up afterwards!

Day 22: Buy a Lottery Ticket, Give it to a Stranger

Everyone needs a little luck from time to time and they’re hardly expensive!

Day 23: Write a Handwritten Thank You Note, Give it to Your Parent/Guardian

They always worry about whether they’ve done a good job! Let them know you appreciate them and all they do!

Day 24: Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Sacrifice your Christmas Eve to give the homeless one they deserve and won’t forget! You’ll have Christmas day, so will hardly be missing out! Winter is cold and bleak, help give warmth, shelter and a nice hot meal to someone who wouldn’t have had it otherwise!