25 American Internships That Actually Pay Off

25 American Internships That Actually Pay Off
25 American Internships That Actually Pay Off

If you’re considering where to intern after you graduate, you’re in luck. There are lots of places to get valuable information once you’ve graduated. However, the old-fashioned concept of internships one where you work long hours for free quickly becomes obsolete. Nowadays, people are starting to realize that interns are an essential resource that shouldn’t be wasted.

Instead of requiring interns to run after them, companies are offering a variety of perks and interesting options to entice interns to enroll. Canadian companies do this very same thing, but an American internship offers you a few options that you won’t get with a Canadian internship.

The first is learning flexibility. Although Canada and America are very similar cultures, they’re not the same. Depending on where in Canada you live and where in America you move to, you may end up with quite the culture shock. Learning how to adapt is an important working skill, and it’s one you’ll learn here. You can also really spread your wings and become independent while still close enough to come back home over vacation weekends.

If you’re interested in moving to the United States in the future, this can also be an amazing opportunity to start building the possibility for a work visa, which can become a permanent visa if you continue working for this company. Lastly, it’s just a fun experience. Canada and America share lots of cultures, and being able to spend time with both Canadian and American cultures can be a great way to grow. If an American internship is interesting to you, make sure you check out these 25 U.S. internships that pay the most on average out of an internship in the country.

If you’re looking to become an American intern, there are a host of obstacles to overcome. But in today’s world, payment is always one of the most important. Especially when you’re in another country, you can’t just live off loans. That’s why you need this breakdown of the 25 highest-paying internships in the United States, so you know what to aim for.

Here are the companies offering these internships, along with an average monthly salary in USD.

1. Microsoft – $7,478 Monthly
2. LinkedIn – $7,453 Monthly
3. Google – $7,382 Monthly
4. ExxonMobil – $7,280 Monthly
5. Yahoo – $7,107 Monthly
6. VMware – $7,107 Monthly
7. Facebook – $7,036 Monthly
8. Apple – $6,760 Monthly
9. Amazon – $6,531 Monthly
10. NVIDIA – $6,413 Monthly
11. Qualcomm – $6,413 Monthly
12. Valero Energy – $5,893 Monthly
13. Intel Corporation – $5,893 Monthly
14. Chevron – $5,744 Monthly
15. Adobe – $5,547 Monthly
16. Tesla – $5,027 Monthly
17. NetApp – $5,027 Monthly
18. Salesforce – $5,027 Monthly
19. Boeing – $4,986 Monthly
20. KPMG – $4,873 Monthly
21. Lockheed Martin – $4,862 Monthly
22. PwC – $4,853 Monthly
23. EY – $4,853 Monthly
24. Deloitte – $4,853 Monthly
25. Ericsson-Worldwide – $4,853 Monthly

Now that you know the numbers, it’s time to delve into a little bit more about these companies. What are the sectors you might want to work in if you want to get into these top-paying internships?

Software and Technology

It should come as no surprise that many of these companies work mainly in the technology business. In this modern age, technology is progressing at a breakneck speed. If you have the brains to do it, a Silicon Valley-style job might work great for you.

1. Microsoft – $7,478 Monthly
2. LinkedIn – $7,453 Monthly
3. Google – $7,382 Monthly
4. Yahoo – $7,107 Monthly
5. VMware – $7,107 Monthly
6. Facebook – $7,036 Monthly
7. Apple – $6,760 Monthly
8. Amazon – $6,531 Monthly
9. NVIDIA – $6,413 Monthly
10. Qualcomm – $6,413 Monthly
11. Intel Corporation – $5,893 Monthly
12. Adobe – $5,547 Monthly
13. Tesla – $5,027 Monthly
14. NetApp – $5,027 Monthly
15. Salesforce – $5,027 Monthly
16. Ericsson-Worldwide – $4,853 Monthly

Research and Development

This can sometimes cross over into software, and many of these companies do both. However, if you’re looking for an internship based largely around creating products rather than offering technological services, these are the companies you’ll be looking toward.

1. Microsoft – $7,478 Monthly
2. Google – $7,382 Monthly
3. Apple – $6,760 Monthly
4. NVIDIA – $6,413 Monthly
5. Qualcomm – $6,413 Monthly
6. Intel Corporation – $5,893 Monthly
7. Tesla – $5,027 Monthly
8. Boeing – $4,986 Monthly
9. Lockheed Martin – $4,862 Monthly
10. Ericsson-Worldwide – $4,853 Monthly


Though it’s a relatively misunderstood sector, accounting is an essential part of the market. It’s also not easy to do — it requires a lot of training. That’s probably why all of the American Big Four accounting firms are represented on this list.

1. KPMG – $4,873 Monthly
2. PwC – $4,853 Monthly
3. EY – $4,853 Monthly
4. Deloitte – $4,853 Monthly


Although traditional energy sources are now being entwined with renewable energy sources, that doesn’t mean that energy companies are going down. Rather, many of them have moved with these changes, which means you may be able to help some of these companies transition to sustainable opportunities.

1. ExxonMobil – $7,280 Monthly
2. Valero Energy – $5,893 Monthly
3. Chevron – $5,744 Monthly

Transit and Travel

Whether it’s a car, a taxi, a bus, or a plane, you use plenty of different transit types every day. It makes sense that these transit companies offer incentives to bright new minds that may move them in a new direction.

1. Tesla – $5,027 Monthly
2. Boeing – $4,986 Monthly
3. Lockheed Martin – $4,862 Monthly

There are various ways to make it in the world after graduating, and you don’t have to settle for an unpaid internship. Apply to these highly paid internships and see what the world has in store for you.