3 Awesome Apps to Help Keep You Organized

3 Awesome Apps to Help Keep You Organized
3 Awesome Apps to Help Keep You Organized

The times of using a pen and college student agenda to remain structured are a faraway memory to many. Listed below are three apps that will help you keep all of your study, exam and essay needs in a single place, right at your fingertips.

Productivity is something that we all desire to achieve. Whether it is managing time better or remembering the plethora of things that need to be done, we all would like to be much better at keeping our lives organized.



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Studious has already been on its way to becoming a must-have for any student who wants to keep organized. If you find yourself writing down reminders in weird places, stuffing randomly scrawled school records in your coat or never talking to your student plan, Studious will keep everything planned on your laptop, Mac, Android or iPhone.

Enter your timetable, and the application automatically silences your mobile phone during category time. You can add homework tasks, exam dates, text notes, and images. Establish Studious to remind you when tasks are due, and tests are looming, so you are nudged to begin with on your classwork in the required time.



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Evernote is quickly becoming a must-have app for just about everyone. Save entire web pages to your free Evernote accounts using the web clipper browser expansion. The net clipper will save everything, including wording, images, and links, so nothing is ever lost.

Evernote allows you to share category notes, use classmates, and add virtually any form of a record or new marketing to an email. You can take pictures, record audio tracks, jot down reminders, upload data, scanned documents and images, and it will all automatically sync across every device or computer that you’re using, from smartphones to tablets to notebooks.

All you need reach your immediate removal, no matter the device you are working from.



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The world’s biggest collection online! Scribd helps students find an incredible number of different documents and catalogues that are necessary for their studies.

People worldwide share all those data, and you may easily curate and set them up according to their topic.

Create your library with different notes, texts, and books that you need. Show them with your friends, and find all the information with Scribd.