4 simple Steps to Prove You are an Adult

4 simple Steps to Prove You are an Adult
4 simple Steps to Prove You are an Adult

Did you return home and find your room looking exactly as it did before you left? Stuffed animals and sports trophies still where you kept them, collecting dirt? The holidays are the perfect time for you to show your parents that you are an adult now, a university/college student prepared to let go of the past.  The good news is that it can be done in four easy steps. The bad reports are that it could require some elbow grease. So stop raiding your parents’ refrigerator, grab some empty boxes and suggest to them that you are prepared to move on.


Here are Simple Steps to Prove You are an Adult


Step One:

Mark three empty boxes or Plastic bins with Keep, Toss or Donate and organize your wardrobe and dresser drawers according to the seasons. Within the Keep pack, place items that have significant sentimental value that you regularly use when you are home during breaks and trips and things you would like to keep but are willing to store away. Inside the Toss box, place clothing that you no longer wear or that no more fit, gadgets and things that no more work and can’t be fixed, and anything else you can part with that can not be recycled or donated. Finally, in the Donate container, add gently-used clothing, gadgets and game titles, and anything else still in good working condition.


Step Two:

Take one last run through your closet and drawers and type everything according to season. Once you have done this, do a final study: Are you heading to wear those pants again? Should you be suspending onto clothes that your young siblings would refer to as “retro”? Could someone else get good use out of your prom dress? Don’t you need all those shoes and purses and handbags? Whatever comes out of the closet gets put into either the Toss or Donate pack regarding the condition they’re in.

Remember to clean clothing and stuffed animals and present other items a good cleaning, too. Charities always enjoy it.


Step Three:

Given that you have sorted everything comes, the hard part: give your room a thorough cleaning throughout and replace your Keep box where you would like them to be. (Yes. Cleaning. You are probably already dusty from the sorting: what’s damage can do a little vacuuming and Swiffering do?


Step Four:

Given that you have proven you are a grown-up revert to being truly a child again and connecting with your parents and family in a new way.

Play actual panel games with your family rather than participating in them online with strangers. Buy a Krazy Karpet or find a big piece of cardboard and strike the nearest tobogganing hill with siblings, nieces or nephews. Make a snowman on the front lawn that will put all other snowmen in the neighbourhood to pity. Buy a tube of ready cookie dough and make a batch of cookies like when you were a youngster.

Get some engineering newspaper, glue, and glitter and make homemade credit cards for your friends and family. Even if you cannot skate a good lick, get the skates out and give it another shot, encouraging your loved ones to do the same. Whatever was goofy, fun and memorable when you were young will be goofy, fun and unique on a whole new level now that you are a grown-up.