4 Simple Study Tips for Finals Week

Final exams are just around the corner. Unfortunately, staying focused on studying for many college and university students can be difficult. With summer vacations on our minds and many distractions such as social media, it takes a toll on our concentration.

Luckily, these simple study tips will allow you to develop good study habits to help you ace those exams and succeed in college. When you score good grades on your final exams, it will significantly affect your transcripts because when you are applying to graduate schools, they will be looking at your last two years of university/ college grades.

Here are 4 Simple Study Tips for Finals Week


1. Stay Organized

An organization is a key to keeping your academic and social life intact. Keep a calendar or planner to organize all your duties, including classwork and social events. You can input available time slots of the day, which you can use to study. Putting all your commitments down allows you to remember and visualize everything easily. Also, keeping your study notes organized is essential. So when it comes time for that exam, it’ll make studying less stressful.


2. Obtain Good Notes


Having good study notes and learning good study habits go hand in hand. Everyone approaches notetaking differently, and unfortunately, many students have a hard time taking good notes. The key is to tackle the course material by recording and highlighting only the main points. Try to avoid remembering any large detailed information as it can be unnecessary. However, you should talk to your professor or TA to ensure what details are essential.


3. Take a Break


Allowing yourself to take a break from studying is very important that many students forget to do. Stress levels in college and university are pretty high, so giving yourself some personal time is vital since you get more mental clarity and energy. Suppose you are afraid of taking extremely long breaks that will keep you off track, spend this personal time wisely. Instead of going on social media or watching videos on YouTube, try going out for a walk or catching up with a friend.


4. Find a Good Environment

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Finding the perfect studying environment for you is essential to your productivity. As mentioned before, every student is different and approaches studying differently. Some prefer working in a quiet space like the library, while others like a slightly busier environment like a coffee shop. Find a place where you feel best motivates you in studying.