5 Albums That Distracted Me From Studying in 2018

Shame - Songs Of Praise
Shame - Songs Of Praise

Music is a large part of my everyday life. As much as I need to keep up with all the latest albums being released, I have seemingly endless school work to get done. So I put on new albums for background noise to kill two birds with one stone. I need fast-paced tunes, sweet vocals, and originality in music that I put on for background noise to keep my energy and inspiration levels high.

The music that grabs my attention away from studying and forces my brain to pay attention to the song is generally how I determine its worth for repeated listening. Here are the top 5 albums that potentially lowered my grade but raised my spirit


5. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex & Food
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food

I have been a fan of UMO for a couple of years now. I loved Multi-Love in 2015 and went to a concert for that tour. I did not have high expectations for Sex & Food. I expected the band to take a step back and create a more eclectic album to challenge their fans – a Nirvana-type move. I was dead wrong.

This album grabbed me by the ears and dragged me to the speaker 46 seconds into the album. Unfortunately, I had to listen to it a few times before I could successfully put it in the back of my brain and use it as inspiration to keep reading and writing.


4. La Luz – Floating Features

La Luz - Floating Features 
La Luz – Floating Features

La Luz is a surf rock band that released their 3rd full-length album this year. These loud rockers hail from Seattle, and their guitar playing reflects their roots. The guitar work is originally what caught my attention, not too wild but not too loose, perfectly precise. When I first gave Floating Features a listen, the candy-sweet voice of the singer made me think back on my biggest dreams.

I was reminded of all my hopes and aspirations. The sound of her voice would fit perfectly in a cliche scene of somebody looking out a car window on a rainy day. This band can remind you that all the work you’re putting into whatever you’re working on will be worth it in the end.


3. Dr. Dog – Critical Equation

Dr. Dog - Critical Equation
Dr. Dog – Critical Equation

Dr. Dog is one of my favourite bands, I am always trying to get other people to listen to their music, but their placement on this list is genuine. The second track on this album – “Go Out Fighting” – might be the anthem for all university students.

The quirkiness of Dr. Dog is what grabbed my attention, there’s a sense of comfort given to you when you listen to their music, and you feel a freedom to be yourself, whoever that might be. I highly recommend checking out their entire discography for more soothing music.


 2. Jill Scott – By Popular Demand

Jill Scott - By Popular Demand
Jill Scott – By Popular Demand

Jill Scott is a powerhouse of a singer. She has incredible talent, evident passion, and the confidence that everybody should have. “Golden” is a standout track, showing off her skill and, in my eyes, giving the nod to Amy Winehouse with how she belts out the lyrics. This album gave me a serious confidence boost. It just made me feel good about myself and put a smile on my face. Jill has been making impactful music for almost as long as I have been alive, and she continues to be a master.


1.  Shame – Songs Of Praise

Shame - Songs Of Praise
Shame – Songs Of Praise

Shame is the top album that distracted me from studying this year. This album is loud, angry, raunchy and poetic. As I am usually pessimistic, I tend to relate to music that relates to things wrong with the world and within society. So songs Of Praisecontinually fed the fire within me to try and make a difference in changing things for the better wherever I can.

This album was such a big inspiration in my life that I like to think that it drove me to even enroll in post-secondary. If you are a fan of rock, alternative, punk, or any hard-hitting instrumental bands, this album is waiting patiently for you to come and join the fan club.

My music taste may differ from yours, but I tried to make this list as accessible as possible. These albums were a continuous inspiration for my schooling, and all students could use some inspiration. The work may get overwhelming, and you may question why you are putting effort into it, but these albums helped me along the way, and I can only hope that this music can help more people.