5 Apps Students Must Have On Your Phone

5 Apps Students Must Have On Your Phone

The truth of our present era is that you are unlikely to find a student who does not use cutting-edge technology. However, it is also true that students utilize various mobile applications for fun and educational purposes.

Both Apple and Android provide many programs and apps for college students that can be pretty instructive and useful if you want to stay current and increase your learning process. Of course, every student is familiar with many programs that best suit their needs, but there are a few mobile “assistants” that no student should be without.


5 Apps Students Must Have On Your Phone


1 Any. do

Millions of people utilize Any. Do to organize their endeavours. This app is perfect for students who need to create to-do lists. It also synchronizes all functions with other devices to access the list anywhere. Add new entries to the list by means of a touch-based interface, or use your voice to create to-do items.

You can adjust the priority of your input, mark a task as done, or shake your smartphone to clear it of any completed tasks. Furthermore, you may add the Any. Do widgets to your home screen for quick and straightforward access.


No more will a college student be afraid of losing their notes or coursework! Thanks to Dropbox, you no longer have to carry your work with you everywhere—you can upload your files to the Internet, even when they are locked up in another room! All you need to do is an Internet connection to let you access your files. So please store your files in Dropbox, and share them with friends without fear of losing meaningful and valuable data.


3 Feed.ly

College students are naturally concerned about their academic performance but may have difficulty with this due to constant deadlines, part-time jobs, overdue essays, exams, and more. Feedly can help you deal with this problem. This is one of the best RSS news aggregators. It enables you to read all the stories you need in a single feed. Just check the desired story, and it will be delivered to you., and get notifications every time something interesting appears. Nothing could be more comfortable, huh?


4 Self Control

Students get distracted so quickly during the learning process. They are too devoted to using their social networks. SelfControl software can help save them from time-wasting websites: it prevents students from accessing them to focus more on their classes—it for a set amount of time. So, when a lecture is finished, you are welcome to come back to your fave websites again!


5 Clear

how many to-do lists do you have at the beginning of school? One for essays, another for exams, the third one for the party calendar… So, why not synchronize them all to obtain access to them from everywhere? Choose Clear for this goal, an application that syncs all your to-do lists with others and makes it so you can easily access them from wherever you can get wireless Internet access.


6 Grammarly

Grammarly is a software that helps users with grammar and writing. It has various features, such as spellcheck, correction, and a plagiarism detector. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.


7 Brainscape

Brain Scapes is a neuroscience research journal that publishes original papers on the brain’s architecture, function, and plasticity. Elsevier publishes the journal.


8 Quizlet

Quizlet is a website that lets users create and share flashcards with other users. The website is free to use, and users can create their flashcards or join existing ones. Quizlet has various features, including the ability to share flashcards with others online, access flashcards offline, and track the progress of individual cards. Quizlet is an easy way for students to study for exams or Quizlet and has a wide range of subjects available.


9 Scribd

Scribd is provided users with a platform to publish, share, and discover books, articles, and other content. Scribd allows users to create collections of their favourite content and share them with others. Scribd also offers various features that make it easier for publishers and authors to find new readers and viewers.


10 EasyBib

EasyBib is a website that provides users with a searchable database of scholarly journal articles. The site offers users the ability to browse the database by article title, author, or keyword. Users can also create custom search filters and save their searches for future use. EasyBib is free to use and has been featured on various websites as a helpful tool for research.


11 Chegg

Chegg is an online educational company that offers classes and textbooks for students of all ages. They have a wide selection of courses and materials and the ability to print out class materials. The site is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and plenty of resources for students.