5 Best Sports Events And Activities To Try Out This Summer

5 Best Sports Events And Activities To Try Out This Summer
5 Best Sports Events And Activities To Try Out This Summer

Wherever you are in the world, summer is something you probably look forward to. With all the extra time in your hands and the great weather, you wanted to try out new experiences and participate in various events and activities.

Summer, where you can go out in shorts and flip-flops, is one of the most awaited seasons in Canada. Canadian summer is short and sweet. Many Canadians look forward to the humid weather, which many people think is inexistent in Canada. Not many people are aware that summer in Canada can be pretty hot.

The temperature during the summer could range from 15C to 35C, and the days could be pretty long, with daylight beginning as early as 5 am and lasting until before midnight. They get excited about participating in different sports and recreational activities.

Since most schools are also on a holiday break during the summer, parents try to introduce sports to children. Thus, Canada sport and recreational activities during the summer can be done outdoors and indoors.

Here are some of the best sports events and activities to try during the short summer season:


Paddle Boarding

Water activities are one of the most sought-after in Canada during the summer. Water activities like paddle boarding have become second nature with the vast expanse of nature and the many magnificent lakes that the country has.

The brilliant crystal-clear blue waters of Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, and Maligne Lake are the top spots for paddle boarding. The breathtakingly serene and calm waters are great, especially for first-timers who want to learn to do this. Most locations also have instructors to guide you so you can succeed in your quest to discover paddle boarding.



You can play tennis indoors and outdoors, so whatever the weather is, you can play this sport as much as you’d like. As a racket sport, tennis has stirred an interest in many people, young and old.

Watching the likes of Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic smash records in various tournaments is enough to influence many people to take on the sport. And they don’t even have to wait for the summer to arrive.



In Canada, during the summer, you can experience breathtaking scenery as you ride your bike on one of the safest roads in the world. The beautiful scenery and the generally fair weather will allow you to take in nature and exert effort on your body without wearing it down. Canada’s bike-friendly roads also give bikers a feeling of security.

In some areas of Canada, downhill mountain biking and cross-country cycling have become popular, and their extreme nature gives many enthusiasts the thrill they seek. The adrenaline rush in these extreme cycling sports became higher in demand than during the summer. Ski resorts are converted to accommodate participants in these extreme recreational activities.



Golfers are one of the most intense people you can meet. The most die-hard golfers can play for hours on end and not grow weary. Avid Canadian golfers prefer to go to Alberta to experience a virtually endless golfing session. Since daylight in Alberta could last for about 18 hours, that means 18 hours of leisurely teeing and putting.

In some other parts of the world, people also prefer to play golf in the summer. Since the condition is excellent for the sport, the players make necessary adjustments to their manner of play to ensure they don’t suffer health conditions. And since golfers are one of the most disciplined players, they strictly follow recommendations like drinking plenty of water, dressing appropriately, wearing sunscreen, and taking rests when needed.



The popularity of basketball anywhere in the world is not waning. And the likes of Lebron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant have made basketball worth watching. And with the NBA Finals happening during the summer, what could stop people from taking an interest in the sport?

The versatility of basketball makes it the go-to sport for many people. As long as you have a ball and a ring, you can even play it on the street. In the Philippines, where basketball is the number one sport, you can find a half-court on every road and kids as young as 5 dribbling their dirty balls on the pavement.



Summer is the best time to try out something new. Whether a sport or a recreational activity like hiking and camping, you can keep many happy memories you can treasure in time. To learn something in this short time will also give one immense satisfaction, and when the interest goes beyond summer, it could become a sport you’ll be great at. Who knows, the Olympics could be your destination!