5 College Tips For First Year Students


Starting college or university as a first year student allows you to have a fresh start, and is a transition period where the decisions and actions you make are impactful to your adulthood. It won’t matter what you achieved in high school, because everyone is starting off on the same foot and there are ways that you can make the most out of your first year in college. So, here are some tips on how to thrive as a freshman student.


1. Attend orientation

//Boston University

It may seem overwhelming for some, or even a waste of money but orientation is an event that all first year students should attend. It is an easy way to make new friends especially if you’re not living in residence, you will learn things that will come in significance to you during the school year, and you can get used to the campus much faster.

2. Go to class


This one seems pretty obvious but there will be many days where you decide to skip class, besides you can always get lecture notes one way or another right? Well, you never know when the professor will give out test hints or even extra credit for attendance. (Also try to avoid signing up for 8am classes no matter what, trust me).

3. Get involved on campus


Joining a club or organization can help you learn new skills and can be a way of getting over your blues whenever you feel homesick. You will feel more included and is another way of making new friends.

4. Stay Organized


Especially in first year when there is a lot going on, it can be really easy to slip up. Make sure you know when assignments are due or when there is a big test coming up because unlike high school what is done is done and it can be very difficult to get that extra credit or extended deadline.

5. Bring Flip Flops


Seriously. Although you may know everyone who lives on your floor, you never know what you will get yourself into. You may experience showers with lots of hairballs and dirt, and those aren’t even the worse things that you can find.