5 Common Things Students Forget To Pack For College

Moving day at College

Packing up to move into your new dorm room can be one of the most exciting yet overwhelming things, especially if you’re a freshman. It can be pretty challenging to ensure that you don’t forget anything. Here are some items that students often overlook.


1. Mattress Pad


This is probably one of the essentials to bring since you’ll be napping more than expected. With the small twin-sized beds that feel like you’re sleeping on concrete, this will make a huge difference.


2. Command Hooks

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Even if you start out being very strategic and organized with your dorm, it is almost guaranteed that your room will magically become a pigsty, but using command hooks will create that extra space you need for dirty towels, jackets, robes, etc. It is also vital for those who like to go extreme with decorating.


3. First Aid Kit


Not having any of the necessities for getting hurt or feeling sick is just one of the cons of moving away from home. Make sure you pack Advil, bandages, Neosporin, and anything else you would use. (Also Milk Thistle for hangovers)


4. Fairy Lights


Dorm rooms often have a prison-like element to them and may have low lighting, so fairy lights can brighten your space and make it more comforting.


5. Umbrella


Rain or shine, an umbrella is great to bring with you as it can protect you during unexpected showers. Also, living in a dorm means that you’ll be walking or biking around campus, so if it ends up raining, you know that you came prepared.