5 Easy Tortilla Ideas

quinoa breakfast
Going on a last-minute picnic or road trip?
Or are you feeling hungry and want something fast, tasty and healthy? Because SAME.
~These recipe ideas are going to feature tortillas!~How to just wrap and go:
-Start with a whole-grain tortilla, then fill, fold and roll!
-For the filling, you will need 3 things: Spread, Protein, Vegetables & Greens.
Spread ideas
Vegan mayo, vegan tzatziki, mustard, hummus, refried beans, nut or seed butter, guacamole, pizza sauce, salsa, pesto, chutney.


Protein ideas
Cooked tofu, vegan chicken strips, vegan fish fillets, vegan egg, vegan cheese, nuts or seeds, cooked beans, tempeh.

Vegetables and Greens ideas
Carrot, cucumber, celery, mushrooms, tomato, avocado, onion, beets, broccoli slaw, lettuce, spinach, baby kale, watercress.


Try it yourself! Wrap and go with these 5 ideas (filling):

The Greek
1. Vegan Tzatziki
2. Vegan feta cheese, falafel or chickpeas.
3. Tomato, cucumber, red onion, pitted kalamata olives, spinach.

Tofu Caesar

1. Low fat, vegan caesar dressing
2. Cooked flavored tofu, vegan cheese
3. Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers breakfast
1. Salsa, vegan cheddar cheese
2. Scrambled cooked firm tofu with added spices.
3. Black Beans, sautéed spinach, mushrooms.Berry Delight
1. Almond butter
2. Mixed fresh berries
3. CinnamonHoliday Leftovers
1. Vegan mayo
2. Cooked tofurkey, walnuts, vegan brie cheese
3. Spinach, dried cranberries.And that’s it! Easy, healthy and tasty!
Let me know what kind of tortillas you have made. I’d love to try it!

Here are some mini breakfast burritos I made for a snack

Special thanks to Dominion, Stephenville for the tour, and the wide range of healthy alternatives they offer.