5 Great Jobs For Students

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Something that is great about being a student, is the number of jobs you’re qualified for. They aren’t life-changing, get rich quick jobs, but they are always easy and mind-numbing. Think about it. Any part-time job that requires handling cash, or handling food, or handling products of some sort, do not require the skills of a rocket scientist.

The fact that you are attending school automatically shows (if you put it on your resume, which you SHOULD) that you are responsible for and have basic common sense. Common sense goes a lot further than you think it would. Here are the top 5 most attainable and common jobs for students.


5. Work for your school

The London School of Economics
The London School of Economics

The institution you’re attending will always employ students to fill the simple jobs that they need to be done. You could: give campus tours, become a research assistant, work in the cafeteria, and some schools even need people to open and close computer labs on weekends. That last one is as easy at sounds.

You take the key, open the door, turn on the computers, sit in the room and get paid to study, and then turn the computers off and lock the door back up. Working at your school could get you a position that gives you decent pay and decent hours and you could end up being paid to study. Look into it.


4. Barista

waitress holding a cup of coffee

As cliche as this one may be, coffee culture is ever-growing in becoming a basic part of everybody’s life. There’s no shortage of barista positions available. This job may be a little tougher but the skills you will learn can come in handy.

Not everyone is going to jump into a great job right after they graduate, but having the skills and knowledge of a barista will allow you to have the necessary work experience wherever you might want to go. The necessary experience is also a bit of a catch here, but, Starbucks is the leading company for hiring people without prior experience and training them in the field. It would be shocking if you didn’t live at the most 15 minutes away from a Starbucks location.


3. Waiting/Serving

Maybe one of the most common vocations for young adults is serving. There are a ridiculous amount of restaurants around that are somehow always staying in business, why? Because humans need to eat to live and a lot of us enjoy trying new places and new foods. It’s almost impossible not to have the skills needed for service, you say what food needs to be made, you take the food once it has been made, and you go put it on a table.

That’s obviously an oversimplification but really the movements are the same. In order to be a successful server you need to be personable, and I can’t tell you how to just do that, but it’s not difficult. Some basic math skills are needed for this job as well so go review your 5th-grade math notes.


2. Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

The Healthiest Dog Breeds

Ah yes, this is a real job. This job provides a 2 in 1 service. You get to destress with some loveable animal friends and get paid to do it. You won’t be making the most money but then again you won’t be working to many hours either. If you’re allergic to our furry cohabitors in this world then I’m sorry, I have 4 other suggestions for you.

If you consider dog walking let me explain to you the many benefits: you get some time outside (which we all probably need more of), you will meet lots of people who stop to pet your new pals, you may have a studying breakthrough if you think about your course material in a different environment, and you will get paid for walking.


1. Pizza/Food Delivery


The best for last. Get paid to drive around and listen to your own music. Not just an hourly wage, but tips included, it can really add up. You don’t have a hand in making the food which saves you energy and stress. There aren’t any large responsibilities in the establishment that fall on you.

You just have to be a friendly face of your local pizza place! Also from what I’ve heard, there is some downtime when there is no work to be done for delivery drivers, and you can work on your school stuff.

To reap the benefits of this job you will need a car that is cheap on gas, and know the shortcuts and your way around your local area. You’re expanding your spatial memory, in your hippocampus (there’s my intro psych course coming in use). Food delivery is the easiest and most profitable job a student can have. Trust me.