5 Helpful Apps for Graduate Students

5 Helpful Apps for Graduate Students
5 Helpful Apps for Graduate Students

Ace your classes and stay organized with these apps for graduate students. Graduate students are living in a golden age of note-taking, organizing and research thanks to the ever constant improvement and development of apps geared toward making life and life as a student, at that easier.

From notes to storage to presentations, app stores provide a plethora of options for grad students, and we’ve highlighted some of the most helpful.

MyScript Memo

If you’re a sucker for pen and paper but want the flexibility of having your iPad in class, this app holds the best of both worlds. With a stylus, you can actually take notes in your own handwriting on the iPad. You can also convert your handwritten notes to digital text that you can then export to Evernote, Gmail or any other text application. Free in the App Store.



Whether you’re working on your own or collaborating, Evernote allows you to write notes, checklists, and research. You can also organize web articles, docs, and photos by topic. Finally, you can share it all with others or create a presentation right within the app. Free in the App Store.


iStudiez Pro

This app helps you break up your week according to tasks, assignments due and meetings. It will send alerts when something is due or a meeting is coming up as well as provide an overlook of your entire week. $9.99 in the App Store.



If you love checking items off on a to-do list, you’ll love this app. Separate tasks by project or assignment as well as by individual for group projects. Free in the App Store.



Perfect for the graduate student who does a lot of research, this app will actually help you collect, organize, share and cite research from over 30 million research papers, references, and personal libraries. Free in the App Store.