5 of London’s Finest Vegan-Friendly Food Places

5 of London's Finest Vegan-Friendly Food Places

Vegan cuisine has had a major revamp recently. That being said, it’s still not always easy to find what you’re looking for. With more exciting restaurants offering either vegan-friendly or vegan-only options, let’s cut-to-the-chase and save you from sifting through menus! Here are 5 of London’s finest vegan-friendly food places.

Vegan-friendly fried “chicken” | Vogue


Temple of Seitan

It is famous for its vegan-friendly fried “chicken,” made from the meat substitute seitan. This junk food joint, located in the increasingly hip Hackney, has lines queuing round the corner! It seems people can’t get enough of this American-inspired fast food. Additionally, this place is worth the wait if you also wish to try their dairy-free Mac ‘n’ Cheese! A favourite among locals and visitors alike!

For those willing to splash the cash | TimeOut



On the other hand, if you fancy something more upmarket, head to Chelsea’s Rabbit! You will have to ask in advance for vegan, but this does not limit your choices! You know you’re in for a treat with a menu offering recent caraway crispbread with green tomato and wood sorrel options! And if this fancy food doesn’t float your boat, simply pop in, if only to honour the irony of its name! A vegan-friendly restaurant called Rabbit is priceless!

Vegan and gluten-free sweet treats | Gluten Free Cuppa Tea


Cookies and Scream

But what if you have more of a sweet tooth? Then the perfect place you’re looking for is Cookies and Scream! This vegan and gluten-free joint boast 2 London locations: Camden and Holloway Road. A bakery offers everything from doughnuts, pies and brownies to ice cream and their specially developed Scream Shakes! This is a bakery not to be missed!

The Classic Marinara | TimeOut


Pizza Pilgrims

There is no man, vegan or carnivore, who doesn’t like pizza! So why should you have to miss out just because your ethical choices don’t allow the use of animal products?  And with the price as low as £5 for their iconic Marinara, you shouldn’t! This pizza is sold in every branch and is one of the most popular Neopolitan pizzas! So try it for yourself, pilgrimage down to Soho and nibbling on their deep-fried artichoke hearts!

All-vegan tacos at Club Mexicana | Evening Standard


Club Mexicana

Want to know what all-vegan Mexican cuisine tastes like? Look no further than Club Mexicana, based in Haggerston. With a menu offering jalapeno peppers stuffed with chipotle cashew “cheese” and its now-famous barbecue pulled jackfruit tacos, veganism seems more tempting! And spicy!