5 Must-Do Things While In Vegas

5 Must-Do Things While In Vegas
5 Must-Do Things While In Vegas

Las Vegas may be known worldwide for its casinos, but that’s not all that the city has to offer. In fact, it has too many tourist attractions that’ll make your visit worthwhile. Whatever your interests are, you can surely find one in Vegas. What’s even better is that you have so many options to choose from for exciting activities during the day till night.

If you want to maximize your travel getaway, here are some of the must-do things you should enjoy while in Vegas:


1. Stay In The Best Hotels

Choosing where to stay in Vegas should be one of your priorities. First, you’d want a place that would welcome you after your long day outside. The comfort you’ll feel in your hotel room is essential because it’ll help you regain the energy that you’ll need for your next day’s itinerary.

Next, a hotel room located around a portion of The Strip or the South Las Vegas Boulevard will also matter. Since most of the activities and events that you may be wanting to see are in The Strip. It’s ideal to consider the proximity of your hotel to the places you want to visit and enjoy to save time and energy.

The newest downtown Vegas casino has also been featured to open up despite the pandemic in a news outlet in Canada. The hotel is a sun-and-sports property that’s similar to a casino hotel in the area. If you consider booking a room there, you can expect entertainment, drinks, and a mix of sports amenities, such as golf.

There are other hotels that you can choose from as well. You can find one that’ll suit your needs, from luxury to mid-range to budget hotels. When in luck, you may even find a place that offers excellent discounts during lean seasons.


2. Visit The Strip

As mentioned, The Strip is one of the places you should visit while in Vegas. This is one of the most famous tourist spots globally, reflecting Vegas’ spirit. Here, you’ll find neon signs of nightclubs and bars that can offer the best nightlife experience you’ll never forget. There’s also a wide range of choices for casinos here if you want to try your luck.

If you want to dance your heart out, you can also find dance halls that offer merengue and the lambada. However, if you only want to watch performances like operas or ballets, go to the various symphony halls within the vicinity.

The Strip isn’t only active at night. During the day before the alcohol starts flowing, you can find packed amusement parks, restaurants, museums, malls, spas, and shops. This just implies that even during the day, you’ll still have many options to explore the place.


3. Be Mesmerized With Bellagio Conservatory And Botanical Gardens

If you want to enjoy a full-blown floral production, then the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is the place to go. This has a 14,000 square foot space that houses thousands of plants, trees, and flowers. This gigantic space requires more or less 120 gardeners or horticulturists to make every floral production worthwhile.

What’s even best about it is that you can enjoy your visit here any time of the year. This place creates exceptional seasonal exhibits from spring, summer, fall, winter, and Chinese New Year.


4. Explore The Grand Canyon

Vegas also offers adventure for outdoor lovers—the Grand Canyon. While it may be four hours away from Vegas, it’s one of the best national parks in the world that you may want to visit since it’s accessible from your location. This magical escape from the city may be what you need to renew your energy.

Here you can enjoy seeing inspiring sights, breathing fresh air, and relaxing the whole day. It also has a wildlife sanctuary where you can see various species of animals. You can even camp for a night at the various camping grounds if you want. That way, you can experience watching the sunrise and sunset with your loved ones.


5. Ride On The High Roller

In the middle of The Strip, you can find the observation wheel from the High Roller that lets you see the whole Las Vegas City. This is even taller than the London Eye as it’s 550 feet high. So, if you want to spend a special occasion like wedding proposals or anniversary dates, you can rent out one of the cabins here. This will surely make your special occasion more memorable since you’ll be seeing Vegas from up high. But if you’re just there to enjoy the sights, you can still rent out one of the cabins offering short time sightseeing.


It may seem expensive to visit Vegas, but it’ll be worth every penny. Your visit will be full of activities from hotel entertainment. the Strip, and the Canyon. You won’t get tired of exploring the whole city because the options to maximize your getaway are endless.