5 Practical Advice On How To Get Mathematics Scholarship In Canada

Student Studying Together
Student Studying Together

Canadian universities are known for prestigious scholarships in mathematics study for
financially needy but bright international students. These scholarships are highly
competitive, and prospective students are expected to fulfill all requirements to win.

The requirements may go beyond the curriculum, including membership in math clubs,
relevant hobbies or volunteer services, and athletics. A new student needs to
understand all these to submit a winning application.

Here are five practical bits of advice on how to get a mathematics scholarship in Canada.


Basic eligibility

International students applying for the Mathematics Global scholarship programs must
be high school students. You will then need to demonstrate exemplary academic
performance at the high school level with consistent grades.

You must also show a good interest in mathematics, including computing sciences.
In this case, importance is understood to go beyond standard school coursework, including participation in mathematics clubs and workshops.

Proof of severe and enthusiastic involvement in mathematics and computer science-
related activities would give you a head start. Attaching evidence of awards won in
these activities is a plus and demonstrates your competence.

You must also show that you are an all-round student with talent in sports, governance,
music and art to enrich the student community you intend to join.

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Shortlist preferred Canadian Universities.

First, identify what Canadian universities offering mathematics scholarships you want to
apply to and proceed to list down their requirements. Contact the relevant faculties in
the universities you have shortlisted to get the eligibility requirements expected of you.
Most of this information, including application forms, is available online. Armed with this
information, start ticking the boxes in good time before application deadlines.

At times, a scholarship applicant is expected to participate in a contest; in this case, the
Euclid Mathematics contest or the Canadian Senior Mathematics contest to earn the
scholarship. Find out when and how you can register for it besides sitting for the Test for English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) if it is not your first language.


Identify the scholarship category.

As an international student, you will apply for the Mathematics Global
scholarships. These come with a value package of $12,000 and $25,000 spread evenly
across eight terms.

Research your tips for scholarships under this program, as eligibility depends on the
applicant’s academic performance in core subjects and prowess in
extracurricular activities as stipulated under the Global Scholarship program.

Other scholarships are offered in Canadian universities but are meant for
citizens or specified for particular countries. Do not jump at these if you are not from the
recipient countries. Check online or at the local Canadian embassy if there are any
scholarships set aside for your country, and apply based on that knowledge.


Graduate scholarships

Happy Student Holding a Book
Happy Student Holding a Book

The Ontario Trillium scholarship is available in various participating universities in the
state for international students. The OTS is specifically for doctoral studies in any
discipline and, therefore, ideal for mathematics students. This program has a fund package of $40,000 annually as long as the student maintains excellent research progress.

Like the Global Scholarship program, you must present relevant academic
papers that include transcripts and language proficiency certifications. A health clearance
certificate will be necessary to secure a study permit, without which you will not


Prepare your application adequately.

You have shortlisted preferred universities, reviewed their qualifications, and
identified relevant programs. The next big step is to sit down and put your paperwork in​
good order to ensure no one item is missing. A critical aspect of the success
of your application is the submission of credible references.

Please do not stop listing their names, but attach their reference letters, as this will
score highly for you. Organize all these requirements ahead of the application opening to save you time and present perfect documents.



Scholarships are a lifeline for needy students who seek higher education, and if you fall
into this category, you understand the importance of winning an award. Handle the
application process carefully, following all instructions minutely to enhance
your chances. Do not wait until the final year of high school. If you know you will need
funding, start preparing early.


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