5 Reasons to Have a Study Buddy

5 Reasons to Have a Study Buddy

When essays are due it is very easy to isolate yourself. You lock your bedroom door and haul up in there until it’s done, only surfacing to refill your coffee mug and to snack on something quick. Maybe this is your preferred mode of learning and that’s fine! Or maybe you’ve never tried another way… if so perhaps you could do it with a study buddy. A friendly helping hand and an outside motivator.

If you are undecided on your work methods, here are 5 reasons why a study buddy might be perfect for you!

Two Heads Are Better Than One

You should have all heard this old saying. When you need to get a lot of work done, 2 heads can be hugely beneficial. Maybe you understand a theory better than the other person and vice versa.

Being able to share, explain and discuss your work with someone else will only aid your understanding. Everyone has different strengths, so share yours!

Working as a team and discussing your work will also bring new ideas to the table.

However be careful, as Professor Frith explains,

When two people working together can discuss their disagreements, two heads can be better than one. But, when one person is working with flawed information – or perhaps is less able at their job – then this can have a very negative effect on the outcome. Being able to work together successfully requires that we know how competent we are.

Combining your resources, knowledge and abilities should only help increase your success rate, just be careful not to put your full faith in someone else.

Teach Each Other

Similarly, working with someone else can expand your knowledge on a subject. Your study buddy may be able to teach you new concepts or explain ones you previously didn’t understand. Maybe you could help each other by introducing new learning methods and ways of reading?

Also, explaining ideas to someone new can be a great learning process in itself, allowing you to strengthen what you have learnt.

Sharing your strengths will hopefully improve the overall outcome for both of you.

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Quiz Each Other

There’s nothing worse than when you’ve done all your learning, but there’s no one to practice your knowledge with!

If you have a study buddy you can support each other by quizzing, proofreading and testing revision using flashcards or other resources.

Learn New Methods of Study

With so many different modes of studying effectively, how will you ever know which one is right for you?

As study buddies, you can share individual ways to learn and remember things!

Having a study buddy can introduce you to new ways of learning that you hadn’t even thought about and their method could be stronger and better tailored to how you receive information.

Motivate Each Other

Possibly the best thing about a study buddy is the constant support, understanding and motivation you give each other.

You understand the situation you are both in and can motivate when the other person is lacking self-belief.

If you study alone, there’s no one to make sure you are working at the pace needed, hitting your word count and making sure everything is ready for the hand-in.

When you have a study buddy, you have a constant check-in, a shoulder to cry on, someone to have a laugh with and make study fun and above all, someone who you can inspire and be inspired by!