5 Things Cats Can Teach Us To Master Sleep

Cats are masters at sleeping and they can teach us to do the same. They can sleep up to 20 hours a day. They own it like a boss and they look adorable at it.

Did you know Egyptians even worshipped cats and later domesticated them to be part of the family.

“Egyptians began regarding their cats as loving, important members of their families, and treated them with as much respect and dignity as their own children.”

Why Did Egyptians Worship Cats

Cats were worshipped in many cultures and let’s face it, if you know cats, it’s not hard to understand how such fur balls swooped into our hearts. I digress, back to cats as our sleep mentors. Ah, their purr alone is a cure in itself.

Cats Were Worshiped In Many Other Cultures

Of course, cats can teach us how to sleep they’re experts.

Photo by Holly Abidi

Photo by: Holly Abidi


Top Five Ways Cats Sleep That We Need To Learn:


1. Cats don’t stress the small stuff.

Cats have no shame. Not like humans we hold onto things and have a lot of stress. The first thing we can do is mimic a cat. Relax, stretch, take deep breaths, and snooze better. Cats don’t have much to worry about, if anything at all. I am looking at my cat snoozing right now, totally jealous, in my next life I sure hope I’m a cat. The key point though is to learn to truly relax to sleep deeper – you must not stress or learn to cope better it’s that simple.

2. Cats are active, when they are up that is.

They at least stay busy playing for 30 minutes a day. Cats also jump up onto things regularly. Mostly it’s the kitchen counter to satisfy their curiosity of human behaviour. Jumping up is a lot of physical effort, even if they make it look like magic. Studies show that exercise is proven to help a person unwind and feel tired, it just makes sense. If you are tired chances are you will sleep and not toss and turn or need the age old count sheep routine, does that even work?

Perhaps you just want to look at cute cats sleeping, I personally think that’s way better.

Such as this Link: 40 Cute Cats Sleeping Pictures

40 Photos of Sleeping Cat Positions

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3. In nature cats stick to a stable diet.

Just think about it, if we eat a good stable diet we are healthier. We will have less digestive upsets and feel

    rejuvenated as in BODY, SPIRIT and I’ve touched on your MIND already. Simply your body will have an easier time producing melatonin. As melatonin helps your body prepare for sleep, people who don’t make enough of it at night can struggle to fall asleep.

    4. Cats know how to make their nest so to speak.

    They have a sleepy time routine. You should too. A routine for bedtime really can help you unwind. One of my cats will turn around three times before getting ready to snooze. Another always kneeds the bed to make it purfect! This is a cat technique I’m sure, but it’s also a habit that I am convinced helps set the body and mind in relaxation and rest state.

    5. Cats can sleep periodically, you know take the famous cat-nap.

    It always amazes me how when I wake them up they seem rested all the time. I don’t believe it’s quantity over quality. Imagine if us humans had no sleep schedule and no stress to cope with. We maybe would take the famous cat naps. The key to those recharge naps are to keep them to 20 or 30 minutes in order to benefit us the most.

    The Secret and Surprising Power of Naps

    So now you know that cats can offer us a unique perspective on sleeping. At least we can learn something from our furry feline friends.

    Interesting, perhaps not, but if you just yawned then at least this article worked in your favour. Until next time sweet dreams.


    By: Holly Abidi

    Photo by: Holly Abidi



    – Melatonin and Sleep