5 Ways Cats Can Help You Sleep Better

Cat Purr and breathe
Cat Purr and breathe

Our kitties are sleep specialists. And that’s a beautiful thing, a perfect thing, because they may be able to assist us! Many of us have trouble sleeping. I just attended a yoga teacher training class where sleep deprivation was described as an “epidemic” in the United States if you wish to get a better night’s sleep.

What I believe our kitties are attempting to communicate with us. Please spend some time observing your kitties discover what we may learn about sleeping well from them. I understand that sleep is incredibly personal. What works for one person may not work for another. But I can tell you what works for me and what my kitties help me to remember.


5 Ways Cats Can Help You Sleep Better


5. Purr and breathe!

Cat Purr and breathe
Cat Purr and breath

Though cats do not usually purr while sleeping, the purr is a soothing sound. I’ve often desired, like many cat lovers, that I could purr. Instead, I settle for deep breathing as a substitute. If I’m having difficulties sleeping, I’ll try slowing down my breathing, breathing through my nose, and visualizing each exhale, lulling me deeper and deeper into relaxation and the mattress.

For me, this works quite nicely. Even though we’ll never be cats (no matter how much we want to be), there’s a lot we can learn from them about sleeping and how to sleep better. What have your kitties taught you about sleeping better?


2. Pick a comfortable spot

cat comfortable spot
cat comfortable spot

This is a skill that our cats have mastered. Sure, they’ll sleep on the floor if necessary, but they’re excellent scavengers. If there is a handy sun puddle, the foundation will work. The bed is a prized possession, especially in the fall and winter, when the bedding creates a cozy haven. Depending on the cat’s personality, a lap is the best option.

What can our pets tell us about this? Choose the location or circumstance that will provide you with the best night’s sleep. Some of us require a firm mattress, while others like a soft one; some of us can sleep comfortably on the floor, while others prefer a couch. I appreciate the warmth and security of snuggling into something heavy over me, much like a cat. As a result, adjust your sleeping condition to benefit you the most.


3. Be an opportunist, like your cat!

Individual cats sleep in the most bizarre configurations, which is why posture is so crucial. Some lie down on their backs with their paws dangling in the air. Some people fall asleep on the edge of the bed, utterly oblivious to the idea that they could fall off and wake up unexpectedly.

Our bodies are all distinct as people. We all have different anatomy, and we all have injuries or compensations. Which sleeping position provides you with the most relief? For the sake of your body, take the time to find out. Do you sleep best on your side, with a pillow between your legs for support? Does a particular pad work best for your neck? Are you fortunate to be able to sleep on your back? (I’ve tried, and I can’t.) Watch your cats and see what they can teach you about sleeping posture.


4. If you want to cuddle, do it!

Isn’t it adorable when the kitties cuddle? When this happens, I know I’m genuinely a crazy cat person because most of the human population is probably unconcerned. It’s significant to me because I began out with two cats who refused to interact with one another and never snuggled.

Seeing your kitties cuddling is a friendly reminder of the therapeutic potential of intimacy if you have a partner! Cuddling is an excellent way to get ready for bed, but keep an eye on your cats. Cuddle with your cat if you don’t have a relationship or don’t feel like cuddling with said person. This is something that many cats look forward to. You’ll be familiar enough with your cats to recognize when a cuddling opportunity arises.


1. Sleep as you mean it!

A cat puts her heart and her into everything she does, including sleeping. Have you ever seen a cat try to sleep half-heartedly? No, she chooses a spot on the floor, bed, or couch, settles in, and falls asleep. We should be so fortunate.

How do I apply this to my own life? First, sleep is something I take very seriously. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of my health, in my opinion. Turning off all screens an hour before bedtime, reading some fiction, and settling into deep breathing assist me.

Before going to bed, I like to perform some yoga or stretching. Cats, of course, are aware of this – they try all day! That could explain why so many of our cats sleep so soundly.