5 Things Everyone Has Done to Pay The Rent

5 Things Everyone Has Done to Pay The Rent
5 Things Everyone Has Done to Pay The Rent

The end of the month is just around the corner, and people have done crazy things to pay off the rent. After hearing crazy stories from people, including college students and young adults. 5 Things Everyone Has Done to Pay the Rent


1. Selling Plasma

In the search for extra cash, several students are mining their veins. Plasma donation centers, such as Plasma Biological Services, offer $20 for each Plasma donation. So an ambitious student can easily donate their way to $250 a month by swapping plasma for Cash.


2. Calling Parents 

If you have not called your parents for rent money, you have probably called them for textbooks money. Alternatively, Maybe you have just hit up your crew. Whatever the reason is, leaning on friends and family for financial Needs is never a good strategy.


3. Applying to Random Craigslist Gigs

Craigslist has quite the selection of Odd Jobs — and I mean odd. If you are in a bind, it can be tempting to shop around and apply to dozens of different gigs — from training pet cats to posing for “professional” photographers. Don’t do this.


4. Hustling Your Old Textbooks

Looking to get your little brother to purchase your old chemistry textbook is pointless; it will likely be utterly outdated by enough time he is in school. However, wouldn’t you feel sorry for passing on the ridiculous cost of textbooks to your flesh and blood? (You would not? Heartless!)


5. Mowing Your Neighbor’s Lawns

You were, alternatively, shovelling their driveways. Or whatever the job of choice is in your neck of the woods. When you need rent money, knocking on doors and asking for work is not uncommon. However, what happens if it is not the right season or none of your neighbours are around? It would help if you had a more flexible side gig.