6 Bad Study Habits that are destroying your grades

4 Bad Study Habits that are destroying your grades
4 Bad Study Habits that are destroying your grades

It’s no secret that having good study habits can help you get better grades. However, many students don’t realize how bad study habits can destroy their rates. This article will discuss some of the most common bad study habits and how they can negatively impact your grades. One of the most common bad study habits is procrastination. Procrastination can cause students to fall behind in their work, leading to lower grades.

Another common lousy study habit is cramming. Cramming is when students try to learn all of the material for an exam in a short period. This often leads to confusion and frustration, and it’s usually not very effective. Other bad study habits include studying while watching TV or surfing the internet, not taking notes in class, and not reviewing material after class.

The books are open; the pencils are sharpened; your school notes are prepared. So just what exactly are you doing incorrectly?  Please look at these Four typical bad study patterns that university students make and the way to break them easily!


1. Cramming For Exams

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Studies show that the information we “cram” into our brains before an exam seeps out in the same way quickly, so it is a very ineffective way to study. A far more efficient alternative is to regularly review your class notes, quiz yourself on the most critical points about a week before the exam, and get a good night’s sleep the night before a big test.


2. Taking Too Many (or Too Few) Notes

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Students tend to write down everything instructors say – or jot down nothing.

Here are two basic rules to follow for taking excellent notes.

  • First, jot down anything your trainers put on a blackboard or projector: if they consider it necessary to write down, so should you.
  • Second, listen carefully for verbal cues like, “This is a fundamental concept” or “Below are a few important factors.” They are shining a bright light on what you ought to be writing down.**


3. Studying in the Wrong Environment

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You can find three things students need to set up an optimal study environment: proper light (little or nothing that will make you squint or pressure), an ergonomic desk chair (one that keeps your posture straight, which encourages alertness), no excessive interruptions (no Tv set, no loud music, no engrossing movie participating in in the background).


4. Checking Social Media While You Study

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Can’t resist the temptation to check Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts?

If the lure of those sites is too much for you, your browser has free productivity tools that will manage “break time” for you. For example, LeechBlock for Firefox, Nanny for Google Chrome, WasteNoTime for Safari and SelfControl for Mac users can all be programmed to block specific websites during fixed hours or exact times.

You can block your social media sites for 50 minutes of every hour and program them to unblock for 10, or whatever combination works for you!


5. Highlighting Everything In Your Textbooks

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This may surprise you, but compulsive highlighting is one of the minimal effective ways to study for the next exam. Instead, use your textbook to maintain on reading projects throughout the semester and use it to look up information to complement your class records.

If you have to highlight, accomplish that only to draw immediate attention to tips on the web page but never write blocks of sentences.


6. General Disorganization

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Consider getting the Studious app on your Google Android or iPhone when you jot down reminders in strange places or never talk to your student plan. Enter your timetable, and the application automatically silences your mobile during class time. You can add homework assignments, exam dates, text notes, and photos. Everything you need in one place–no paper involved!