7 Worst Snacks Your Dietitian Would Never Eat

Veggie sticks or straws
Organic Baked Veggie Straws

From rice cakes to veggie straws, their answers may surprise you, Grrrrowwwl. What do you do when your stomach starts complaining midway through the afternoon or just before bed?

Before you visit the vending machine or scour your fridge for snacks you think are healthy, you may want to scan the list below first.

Cleveland Clinic dietitians weigh in on the seven worst snacks for tiding you over between meals that people actually think are healthy for them.


1. Any baked chips

Any baked chips
curved potato chips on an old table closeup

They’re highly processed and often so low in fat that you can consume large quantities without ever feeling full. This can increase blood sugar and cause an insulin surge, promoting fat storage.


2. Rice cakes

Rice cakes
rice cake leaning on another

You think you can eat a lot of them since they’re lower in calories. But rice cakes are often artificially flavoured and are really just a carb with little to no nutrition. It’s recommended that you eat a small serving of ½ cup of brown rice instead. It’s much more nutritious and satisfying — and has way fewer calories in the end.


3. Pretzels

Organic Brown Mini Pretzels with Salt

These little misleaders are a nutrient “zero” and do nothing but put your insulin and blood sugar on a roller coaster. This, in turn, makes you more hungry.


4. Potato chips

Potato chips
bag of potato chips.

Potato chips lack any significant nutritional value. Therefore, they are empty calories, period. They’re also are high in fat and low in fibre and protein.


5. Veggie sticks or straws

Veggie sticks or straws
Organic Baked Veggie Straws

These are like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. People think these heavily-processed snacks are healthy because they’re made of vegetables. But veggie sticks and straws lack fibre and protein and are practically devoid of nutrients.

They may be slightly lower in fat than chips, but why not just eat the real thing? Dip raw bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, and grape tomatoes in hummus, and you’ll get lower fat and more nutrients.


6. Store-bought smoothies

cold beverage

Home-made smoothies can be power-packed with nutrients. But grab-and-go smoothies, even from your best local smoothie shop or grocery store, are often jam-packed with added sugar (often from fruit juice) and calories. You can run up 300-700 calories with this quick “snack,” which won’t keep you feeling full like a good snack should.


7. Granola/cereal bars

Granola and Cereal Bars
Chewy granola bars

These are often disguised as ‘healthy candy bars’ and contain large amounts of sugar with very little protein and fibre. Be aware of ingredients, and read the nutrient label.

So, before you eat something that you think is healthy, read the label first and see what you’re really getting. This best practice will keep you from eating a lot of food void of nutritional benefits and loaded with salt, sugar and fat.