Athletes show their true patriot love on Canada’s 150th birthday

Canadian athletes celebrate their nation's 150th birthday.
Canadian athletes celebrate their nation's 150th birthday.

Every July 1, Canadians celebrate the birth of their country nationwide — but this year Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary and Canadian athletes are showing their patriotism near and far.

Canadian Olympic athletes have the honor of representing their country on one of the most prestigious stages — the Olympic Games. Today, these athletes show their love, appreciation, and thankfulness to their home and native land.

Three-time Olympian Meaghan Benfeito has had much success in her career diving for Canada on a world stage. Benfeito feels honored to represent such a beautiful country.


Fellow diving teammate Jennifer Abel joins the Canada 150 celebrations as she is very proud to be waving the Canadian flag across the world.

Rio 2016 wrestling gold medallist, Erica Wiebe, also feels very proud to be Canadian as she celebrates her nation’s 150th birthday.

There seems to be a common theme among Canadian Olympians. Snowboarder Mark McMorris is a proud Canadian on the slopes.

Olympic athletes weren’t the only ones paying tribute to Canada on its birthday. There is no doubt that one of Canada’s most beloved sports is hockey. Today, the hockey community comes together to celebrate the country’s special day.

Credit: CBC Sports/ By Caroline Szwed, CBC Sports, Twitter