Autumn and Winter Fashion Must Haves

Autumn and Winter Fashion Must Haves
Autumn and Winter Fashion Must Haves

September is next week. Next week?! Time has flown by this year and we’re already close to the end of 2017. 

This means that the year of new fashion must have’s is also coming to an end, so we need to make sure that we go out in style. Autumn and Winter is by far my favourite time of the year for just about everything, but most importantly, style. The winter cosies, scarves, the perfect jacket and multiple layers to bear the cold with. I’ve put together a must have a list to get your wardrobe ready for the end of the year.

That Perfect Winter Jacket

Fur. Wool. Gilet. Padded. There are so many different styles to suit everybody to find their perfect winter jacket for this year. Making sure that you’re keeping warm whilst looking the part is essential, as fashion doesn’t have to fail when it’s cold.


Must Have Accessories

The scarves, gloves, hats and everything else to style your winter outfit with is needed to finish off a look. Whether you go simple with a statement scarf, or add subtle hints of winter warmers with a cute beanie hat, you’re perfect to hit the cold whilst looking amazing.


Knitwear And More Knitwear

I love knitwear. Cosy and stylish at the same time. The oversize jumpers, high neck styles or slouchy loungewear, they’re great for any ocassion and can easily be styled up or down for day and night!


Dark Colours

No more pastel and light shade’s, it’s time for our wardrobes to turn dark for the season. Dark burgundy, green’s, greys and blacks, I absolutely favour these colours any time of the day!


Necessary Boots

We have no time for our little feet to be getting cold over the next few months, which is why having a pair of solid leather boots is essential for this time of the year. Whether you’re feeling a sexy knee high boot, or would rather go simple yet sophisticated with an ankle boot, they go with ANYTHING!