Best AI Study Apps for Students in 2023

Best AI Study Apps for Students in 2023
Best AI Study Apps for Students in 2023

The usage of AI has more than doubled in the last few years. However, its application in education has been an especially popular and polarizing discussion, as many are afraid that it hinders learning. In reality, CTV News reports that many people mostly use AI for efficiency, as more than half of all students admit to cutting down their weekly work by up to 5 hours with this technology.

This is because experts highlight that when used correctly, AI can assist in different aspects of studying.

After all, AI platforms have the power to adjust according to a student’s skills and create a personalized learning experience to support their development. If you’re a student looking for some programs that can achieve this, below are a few AI study apps that may help.



Students know that note-taking is an integral part of their success. As highlighted in our article “Effective Note-Taking Techniques for Classes“, there are different ways to format notes, with the Cornell Method being an excellent practical example. Having structured notes like these helps students gain a deeper understanding of their lectures and allows them to revisit lessons later if they need to prepare for a test.

This, however, becomes a challenge as most Canadian students spend an average of 14 hours a week on homework alone. With very limited time to review their notes, students can rely on Speechify. This AI program converts text into audio, helping students consume educational material easily.. Speechify works by scanning a photo of a document, which is why organized notes are ideal, then reading it out like an audiobook. It’s also easily accessible as you can download it from your device’s iOS and Android app store for free.



Self-studying, or the act of studying independently, is a required skill for students to excel. With this skill, students can process their lessons at their own pace without overt dependence on instructors or certain aids. Unfortunately, around 31% of Canadian students state that they feel anxious when they study alone because they feel unequipped for it.

For the most part, this is due to a lack of resources for effective self-correction. Fortunately, platforms like Studocu offer Ask AI features that can help. This ChatGPT-powered application provides immediate answers to any study-related questions. It uses Studocu’s massive database as a student resource platform, so students from any course are sure to find what they need.

Using it is easy, as Canadian students can sign up on the website and app where their progress and courses can be saved. Currently, Studoco is also available for free download on Android and iOS. With the help of this platform, students can study alone comfortably with any course material that they may need.



Canada is known for being a multilingual country. Statistics Canada highlights that 4 out of 10 Canadians can converse in more than one language, and 1 out of 11 speak as many as three languages or more. This is because foreign languages are commonly taught in schools, but these courses are only effective with constant repetition and practice.

The AI app Knowji is a great tool for this as it aims to improve vocabulary through audio-visual means. It can support learning a new language as it adjusts according to the user’s pace and emphasizes the terms that they struggle with. Regularly using this app with a mobile device reduces the challenges of learning a new language alone through engaging exercises. Like most apps, Knowji is available for download on iOS and Android.

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