The Best and Cheapest Mattress for College Students

The Best and Cheapest Mattress for College Students

Going to college is not a smooth experience. During my time, I remember I came across different challenges. These problems resulted from moving into a new area with no childhoods or high school friends. Sleep was also hard to come by, and most of the time, I found myself sleeping, staring at the roof of my dorm room.

The main problem was sleeping on an old mattress, which the dorm master provided. However, after voicing my complaints, I was allowed to replace it, and through the help of try mattress reviews, I got just the right product. So, today, I’ll show you some of the cheapest and most expensive mattresses to help you get enough sleep while in college!


7-Inch Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt TriZone Mattress

The first bed on my list is the Ultimate Dreams Crazy mattress, manufactured by DreamFoam. You’ll find it in almost all sizes: twin, full, double twin, and queen. It’s one of the least expensive mattresses you’ll ever come across. This is not to say that it’s made of poor quality. In any case, it’s arguably one of the most suitable beds on this list.

The “Trizone” name is because it’s made of three sections that provide support for your head, feet, and midsection. These layers mean that it offers firm support in the middle region of your feet or head. It even comes with a 6.25-inch core with a .75 quilting layer, making it one of the thickest mattresses.


The 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress For The Best Price

Here’s a bed that weighs 63 pounds and includes a 4-inch high-density foam base. Just at the top of this layer, there’s a Super Soft Foam with an excellent pressure relief system. Finally, these layers are ‘covered’ by two inches of soft and cozy memory foam.

I should also mention that while the 2-inch layers cool the bed, the other four-inch high-density layers offer significant support. This mattress will give you rejuvenated sleep and proper muscle relaxation. It’s one of the most expensively priced beds for college students.


8-inch Signature Sleep Contour Mattress

I love this bed because you get the level of comfort that you pay for. It has everything a student would want for a luxury mattress. Even though it appears expensive, it has some of the most affordable price tags. In addition, it adjusts to your body’s shape to give you enough comfort during the night.

The mattress’s top layer is a perfectly quilted cover to give you maximum support, and it even includes a layer of soft padding. Besides, it’s created using 7-inch coils with 15 gauges of steel. Such features help it adjust to your body’s shape for a restful and peaceful night. So, if you want maximum comfort at an affordable price, this mattress suits you!


13-inch Signature Sleep Mattress

Unlike other mattresses on this list, the 13-inch Signature Sleep bed is more traditional. Instead of memory foam comfort and support, it has individually wrapped coils. Furthermore, it has a 1.6 inched pillow top stuffed with memory foam. Finally, it’s a cheap mattress, perfect for students on a fixed budget!

I chose to buy The Dreams Crazy Quilt TriZone Mattress because of its price and ability to support sensitive muscle regions. Keep in mind that a college student’s life is full of many activities that eventually cause soreness in various tissues. So, while low prices may excite you, they shouldn’t be a substitute for mattress quality!