Best College Campuses in Kansas 2024

Best College Campuses in Kansas 2024
Best College Campuses in Kansas 2024

Kansas is home to several exceptional educational universities that boast stunning campuses. These campuses not only provide a conducive environment for learning but also offer picturesque landscapes and modern facilities.

The Best College Campuses in Kansas 2024 that offer students a perfect blend of academic excellence and an enriching college experience.


The Best College Campuses in Kansas 2024


1. University of Kansas 

The University of Kansas, located in Lawrence, Kansas, is renowned for its beautiful campus. Located on Mount Oread, the campus offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

With its redbrick buildings, lush green spaces, and the iconic Jayhawk statue, the University of Kansas campus provides an inspiring backdrop for students. The university houses state-of-the-art facilities, including modern libraries, research centers, and recreational spaces.


2. Kansas State University 

Kansas State University, situated in Manhattan, Kansas, is another campus that stands out for its exceptional beauty. The campus is a sight to behold with its tree-lined avenues, manicured lawns, and stunning floral displays.

It also features impressive architectural landmarks like the Anderson Hall and Hale Library. The university’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its numerous eco-friendly initiatives, making it an ideal place for environmentally conscious students.


3. Wichita State University 

Wichita State University, located in Wichita, Kansas, offers a modern and vibrant campus that caters to the needs of its diverse student population.

The campus boasts contemporary buildings, cutting-edge research facilities, and a bustling student center. With its well-designed outdoor spaces and abundant recreational opportunities, Wichita State University provides an inviting and engaging atmosphere for students to thrive.


4. Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan University, nestled in Salina, Kansas, is known for its intimate campus setting and close-knit community. The campus features historic buildings, including Pioneer Hall and Sams Chapel, which add to its charm.

With its serene green spaces, peaceful atmosphere, and small class sizes, Kansas Wesleyan University offers its students a personalized and supportive learning environment.


5. Fort Hays State University 

Fort Hays State University, located in Hays, Kansas, impresses with its expansive campus and modern facilities. Its contemporary architecture, spacious classrooms, and well-equipped laboratories characterize the campus.

Fort Hays State University also offers various extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and cultural events, ensuring students have a well-rounded college experience.


6. Pittsburg State University

Pittsburg State University, situated in Pittsburg, Kansas, is known for its picturesque campus and strong academic programs. The campus features a mix of historic and modern buildings, creating a unique architectural blend.

With its well-maintained gardens, serene walking paths, and dedicated nature reserve, Pittsburg State University provides students with a tranquil yet stimulating environment.


7. Emporia State University

Emporia State University
Emporia State University

Emporia State University, located in Emporia, Kansas, boasts a charming and welcoming campus. The campus is adorned with beautiful red brick buildings with a sense of tradition and history.

Emporia State University also offers a variety of amenities, including modern classrooms, research centers, and recreational facilities. The campus’s proximity to downtown Emporia further enhances the overall college experience.


8. Friends University 

Friends University, situated in Wichita, Kansas, features a serene and picturesque campus that fosters a strong sense of community. The campus blends traditional and modern architecture, creating a visually appealing environment.

With its well-manicured gardens, peaceful courtyards, and state-of-the-art facilities, Friends University provides an ideal setting for academic growth and personal development.


9. Ottawa University

Ottawa University, located in Ottawa, Kansas, offers a compact yet captivating campus that reflects the university’s commitment to excellence. The campus seamlessly integrates modern buildings with historic structures, creating a unique atmosphere.

With its small class sizes, state-of-the-art technology, and a focus on experiential learning, Ottawa University provides students personalized attention and a nurturing academic environment.


10. Washburn University

Washburn University
Washburn University

Washburn University, situated in Topeka, Kansas, features a historic and picturesque campus encompassing beautiful red brick buildings and lush green spaces. The campus has various academic facilities, including libraries, laboratories, and performance spaces.

Washburn University also offers an array of student organizations and activities, ensuring students have ample opportunities to engage and thrive within the campus community.


Kansas is home to several outstanding campuses that provide students with an exceptional college experience. From stunning landscapes and architectural landmarks to modern facilities and a strong academic focus,

these campuses offer an enriching environment for students to learn, grow, and succeed. Whether you prefer a large research university or a smaller liberal arts college, Kansas has a campus that will meet your educational and personal needs.



What is the University of Kansas known for?

The University of Kansas is known for its beautiful campus and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. It also offers modern facilities and state-of-the-art resources.

What makes Kansas State University stand out?

A: Kansas State University stands out for its exceptional beauty, with tree-lined avenues, manicured lawns, and stunning floral displays. The university also emphasizes sustainability through various eco-friendly initiatives.

What sets Wichita State University apart?

Wichita State University is known for its modern and vibrant campus, featuring contemporary buildings, cutting-edge research facilities, and a bustling student center. It provides ample outdoor spaces and recreational opportunities for students.

What is special about Kansas Wesleyan University?

Kansas Wesleyan University is known for its intimate campus setting, close-knit community, and historic buildings. It offers a serene and supportive learning environment with small class sizes.