Best Colleges To Attend To Become A Writer

Top 10 Colleges To Attend To Become A Writer
Top 10 Colleges To Attend To Become A Writer

As an aspiring writer who knows their craft and is determined to make it a career, the best thing is finding a college to nurture and whip your creative skills into shape. With close links to the industry, tones of networking events, leading magazines, and revered alumni, these are top-notch universities that are quite competitive to get in.

Besides your basic word counter skills, you should demonstrate other exemplary skills for you to make it past the selection panel.

It also is important to note that no college transforms you into an admired author. Yet, these ten colleges might bring you closer home by giving you all the tools you need in achieving your dream.


10University of California

The Irvine University of California has very flexible programs, and you don’t even need an English major to finish the course concentration. The University of California also accepts students’ writing workshops that entail intense work but are more personalized; hence you can’t fail to love it.


9Northwestern University

It has a very accommodative environment where students can produce and evaluate their fellow students, ultimately enriching their writings. Students in their second year of study can apply to a creative writing program. Those accepted get to choose fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction concentrations when they start their classes.


8Kenyon University

At Kenyon University, your dream of being a writer is made a possibility. With classes in reading and writing Novella, you can finish your major with a Novella of your own. Kenyon University has a literary magazine for students to have their work published. One outstanding feature of the university is its buildings that look like castles with beautiful architecture laced with stone walks, a pleasant site to cure the writer’s block.


7Washington University

Washington University is well known for producing famous authors like John Gardner, who wrote the story ‘Grendel,’ which talks about the Beowulf myth.

It offers varied courses like Writing adventure, Travel, and outdoor writings, and Ten minute plays. The university provides opportunities for student work to get published in a university magazine called the Spectacle. This magazine showcases stories beyond the ordinary with a particular orientation to outside-the-box thinking. It also offers the opportunity for underrepresented voices like people of colour and the disabled.


6University of Virginia

The University of Virginia awards student scholarships to study arts. It offers English majors with a concentration in poetry as well as the spoken and written language. With impressive literary magazines, students have a chance of having their writing published. The Virginia Literary Review also provides students opportunities to submit their articles for review by top writers, which creates an enabling environment in being a masterclass.


5Emory University

Ever dreamt of writing about the perfect drama queen for the inaugural Broadway appearance of Rachel Berry’s like. Then Emory university is the place to go. They offer joint playwright skills by encouraging students to produce play scripts continually.

Students also get the opportunity to meet and learn with well-recognized playwrights at the annual creative writing and reading series.


4Columbia University

A Columbia University School of Arts writing program presents you with unique opportunities to understand how different arts complement each other. Furthermore, the school has other sections like film theatre and visual arts that significantly enrich those enrolled in the program.

Students are also advised to take classes outside their writing program to diversify and expand their knowledge on different industries, which prepares them well to take on the world after campus. Besides, they also have literary translation classes where students get to learn about the art of translation.


3New York University

New York University imparts in you some of the unique writing skills, with famous writers like Meghan Benet and Ann Carson. The University has fundamental workshop-based classes where you learn how to give and receive criticism while remaining true to your own writing. This kind of learning program promotes personal growth while enhancing your creative skills.


2The University of IOWA

Situated in one of the United States of America’s literary capitals, the only standing UNESCO city of literature, provides numerous opportunities to students enrolled in these writing programs. The famous Prairie Lights Bookstore is also situated in the school, attracting writers from all walks of life to read the book tours.

Besides the many networking opportunities with renowned authors, they also have a publishing track. Undergraduates can create their literary magazines and chapbooks through solicitations and editing submissions using relevant software. These literary magazines’ physical copies are eventually sold to the community.


1Emerson College

Do you want to get published? Study at Emerson college, where you have a solid chance of seeing your work in print. With an endless list of literary magazines from comics to screenplays. Boston Emerson college will immerse you in an in-depth learning process with industry-related classes such as editing, copy-editing, and photography.



If you ever want to pursue a career in writing to become reputable in the literary world, then these ten colleges offer you the best chance at fulfilling that dream. Notably, you have to present your best self to get your application approved.