Best Hospitals in Japan 2024

Best Hospitals in Japan 2024
Best Hospitals in Japan 2024

Frontline workers in clinics and hospitals worldwide are fighting a fierce battle against the emerging coronavirus. However, medical teams’ success in eliminating the virus still depends on the efficiency of each country’s healthcare system.

We review the Best Hospitals in Japan in 2024. It has been observed that there is an unmistakable relationship between the country’s ability to contain the virus and its ranking among countries regarding the quality of its health system. This is the third year that Newsweek has released Best Hospitals in World 2024


The Best Hospitals in Japan 2024


10. Toranomon Hospital

Toranomon Hospital operates according to a tight work plan. It follows modern methods of treatment and medical care, sterilization, hygiene, and the best medical supplies to provide quality medical service to patients.

  • City: Tokyo
  • Score: 75.64%


9. Nagoya University Hospital

Nagoya University Hospital has strict research standards, and the hospital operates based on the latest technologies in modern medicine, providing quality medical care service. A qualified and distinguished medical staff staffs it.

  • City: Nagoya
  • Score: 75.64%


8. Osaka University Hospital

Osaka University Hospital is a teaching university affiliated with Osaka University, a public research university in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It was one of the imperial universities in Japan and one of the designated national universities.

  • City: Osaka
  • Score: 75.76%


7. Kurashiki Central Hospital

Kurashiki Central Hospital, located in Kurashiki, provides affordable health services to patients, conducts clinical research, and trains undergraduates, postgraduates, and professionals.

  • City: Kurashiki
  • Score: 76.27%


6. Kyoto University Hospital

Kyoto University Hospital, located in Kyoto, offers the most advanced clinical research globally, and its health system includes many academic and commercial hospitals and healthcare and surgical centers.

  • City: Kyoto
  • Score: 78.06%


5. Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine

The Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine is now one of central Tokyo’s most extensive comprehensive medical care facilities.

  • City: Tokyo
  • Score: 78.71%


4. Kyushu University Hospital

Kyushu University Hospital is a massive and distinguished medical facility serving patients in Fukuoka. Provides medical care professionals and uses the latest modern medicine methods.

  • City: Fukuoka
  • Score: 80.05%


3. Kameda Medical Center

The current policy at Kameda Medical Center Hospital, located in Kamogawa, emphasizes Japan’s international expansion of medical technology and services.

  • City: Kamogawa
  • Score: 80.59%


2. St. Luke’s International Hospital

St. Today Luke’s International Hospital is a large general hospital serving the city of Tokyo and an internationally recognized teaching facility for medical professionals, including postgraduate resident physicians and nurses.

  • City: Tokyo
  • Score: 90.40%


1. The University of Tokyo Hospital

The University of Tokyo Hospital, located in Tokyo, has developed medical research and practice and is educated by the best doctors and researchers in the country. This Hospital in Japan and around the world focuses on the well-being of patients. Its clinical trial departments have completed 35 trials and treated over a million patients.

  • City: Tokyo
  • Score: 91.48%