Best Jobs for People in Their 20’s

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If you are in your 20s, it’s likely that you are in search of the right career path for your talents, education level, and interests. Some say that your 20’s are for learning and ’30s are for earning, but there are jobs that allow you to earn a healthy salary in your 20’s as well.

We’re not talking about short term and unstable freelance work either. There are many great jobs for twenty-somethings at great companies that offer great salaries and the potential for future growth.

Career Options for People in Their 20s

For individuals in their 20s, finding positions that pay well and offer room for advancement can be difficult. One way to find a secure job at a younger age is to secure a position in a high demand industry (one with a projected growth above the national average of 7%).

Other careers that attract younger applicants may require only an associate or bachelor’s degree, offer a low-stress work environment, and allow them to achieve work-life balance. Explore five of the best job selections for those looking to have exceptional benefits from the very beginning of their careers.


Job Title Median Salary (2017)* Job Growth (2016-2026)
Actuaries $101,560 22%
Dental Hygienists $74,070 20%
Chemical Engineers $102,160 8%
Web Developers $67,990 15%
Registered Nurses $70,000 15%


Career Information on the Best Jobs for People in Their 20s


5. Actuaries


Almost immediately after graduation, individuals with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics or another relevant field of study can begin work as an actuary. While prospective actuaries are required to pass a series of initial certification exams to be hired, these 1 to 2 exams can and should be completed prior to graduation.

Over the next 6 to 10 years, actuaries continue with these exams, which lead to promotions and an increase in pay. Daily duties of an actuary include using data to calculate the probability of various events, supporting calculations and findings with reports, and helping set the pricing for insurance plans.

This career fits individuals in this age range since they can begin the career right after college and have the potential to grow their career through certifications or rise to executive-level positions.


4. Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists
Dental hygienists

Individuals who are interested in a career in the medical field can quickly jump into the role of a dental hygienist. After earning the appropriate associate’s degree, no added work experience is required to be hired for this high-paying position. Dental hygienists are responsible for cleaning the teeth of patients, taking x-rays, and teaching patients about how to care for their teeth at home.

In addition to the exceptional pay potential and limited experience needed, this position is expected to grow by an impressive 20% from 2016 through 2026. Entering this field is a great opportunity for people in their 20s since many of the education programs necessary are offered at community colleges or technical schools.


3. Chemical Engineers

Degrees in chemical engineering
Degrees in chemical engineering

After earning a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, college graduates could be hired as chemical engineers. Those who work in this position use their scientific knowledge to create new processes (typically for manufacturing). They also create enhanced safety protocols, work to achieve environmental and safety compliance, and perform relevant scientific tests.

After gaining experience and additional education (e.g. a graduate degree and/or certification), chemical engineers can move up to advanced positions in the field. This career works well for younger professionals since it allows them to use their creativity to solve problems, and they can see tangible results of their work.


2. Web Developer

Web Developers
Web Developers

A career as a web developer presents excellent opportunities for individuals in their 20s who have a passion for technology and a relevant associate’s degree. The field is projected to grow quickly, the pay potential is good, and web developers can eventually move up to the role of a project manager.

On a daily basis, web developers assess the needs of clients and build entire websites centered around those needs. Since these generations often have experience with technology, they could learn and adapt to new types of technology and software faster than older generations. This job could also offer the option of working remotely, which may appeal to those in their 20s.


1. Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses
Registered Nurses

Another in-demand career in the medical field is that of a registered nurse. Upon receiving their bachelor’s degree and required license, registered nurses deliver care to patients, complete required medical tests, routinely check on patients, and work with doctors to create a treatment plan.

The salary for this position is excellent, even at the start of one’s career; reports that the median salary for an entry-level RN was $56,339 as of June 2018. Additionally,

the need for nurses continues to rise, which helps provide job security that is hard to find in almost every other position. Younger professionals entering this career are well suited for this high-paced environment with long work shifts due to their stamina and compassion for their patients’ situation.