Best Jobs That Allow You To Travel 2020

Best Jobs That Allow You To Travel 2020
Best Jobs That Allow You To Travel 2020

If you love to travel, maybe it’s time to consider a career that will regularly have you seeing new places. Using U.S News Best Jobs methodology, we sorted through all the top career choices to find those that might satisfy your desire to travel.

These aren’t necessarily jobs in which you have to travel, but rather the ones in which travel options are available. They also come with good pay, low unemployment rates and perks such as a good work-life balance.

Take a look to see which occupation appeals to you. All salary and job growth data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Here Are the Best Jobs That Allow You To Travel 2020


10.Interpreter and Translator

Translator Call Center

Median Salary: $49,930
Expected Job Growth by 2028: 19.2%

Like English teachers, interpreters and translators can find jobs across the globe. Bilingual individuals are needed to translate between languages in settings ranging from business conference rooms to the United Nations offices.

Nearly a quarter of interpreters and translators are self-employed, according to the BLS. In contrast, others may have a single employer or work for a staffing company that places them in various positions.

Many professionals in the field have a bachelor’s degree, but more importantly, interpreters and translators must have native-level proficiency in at least two languages. Our Best Jobs analysis found this career choice is one of the top options available for work-life balance.


9.Sales Representative

Sales Representatives
Sales Representatives

Median Salary: $58,510
Expected Job Growth by 2028: 1.7%

Sales representatives for major wholesale and manufacturing firms may travel extensively to meet potential business and government customers.

They are responsible for pitching products and services, negotiating prices and following up to ensure customer satisfaction. These workers have a large territory to cover and spend days or weeks at a time travelling.

Those selling technical products may need a bachelor’s degree related to the product field, but other sales representatives may not require any formal education besides a high school diploma. Instead of a degree, they need excellent self-confidence and interpersonal skills and an aptitude for customer service.




Median Salary: $62,410
Expected Job Growth by 2028: 9.9%

Often employed to do research, anthropologists specialize in the study of human origins and culture. They may collect data, analyze information and report their findings. While much of their work can occur in an office, some anthropologists travel great distances to conduct fieldwork related to their current study.

Most anthropologists have a master’s degree, although a Ph.D. may be preferred for some positions. Professionals in the field typically specialize in physical anthropology, social anthropology or linguistic anthropology, with each specialty focusing on a different aspect of the human experience. Not only can this work be fascinating, but our analysis finds it to be low-stress as well.




Median Salary: $62,410
Expected Job Growth by 2028: 9.9%

Like anthropologists, archaeologists are interested in learning more about human origins and how civilizations have evolved. To do so, they may travel to various locations to search for remnants of past societies. These may include building ruins, tools, pottery and other items. Some archaeologists work in museums, while others are employed to oversee developments that could impact historic sites.

You’ll need at least a master’s degree to work in this field, and many positions require a Ph.D. Those involved in fieldwork may need to learn another language and could be gone for months at a time while conducting research.




Median Salary: $93,830
Expected Job Growth by 2028: 18.4%

While veterinarians who specialize in companion animals may practice in an office, those who work with large or exotic animals typically must travel to see their patients. For instance, food animal veterinarians may make rounds to farms and ranches, while food safety and inspection veterinarians may inspect livestock and enforce government safety regulations.

The current job market and anticipated future employment growth are excellent for veterinarians. However, to be eligible for one of these jobs, you’ll need a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and a state license. Most veterinary medicine programs take four years of schooling beyond an undergraduate degree. Depending on the state, both national and state licensure exams may be required before someone can begin working as a veterinarian.


5.Environmental Science and Protection Technician

Environmental Science and Protection Technician
Environmental Science and Protection Technician

Median Salary: $46,170
Expected Job Growth by 2028: 9.2%

Environmental science and protection technicians are employed by consulting firms, the government, and other organizations to monitor pollution and contaminants’ environment. Some of their work might occur in a laboratory, but they may also be called upon to travel to manufacturing facilities or lakes and streams to conduct fieldwork.

An associate degree is the standard education level needed to work as an environmental science and protection technician, although some people have bachelor’s degrees. Positions that involve handling hazardous materials may require specialized training. According to our analysis, this occupation gets high marks for being low-stress and having good future job prospects.


4.Web Developer

Web Developers
Web Developers

Median Salary: $69,430
Expected Job Growth by 2028: 13%

This isn’t an occupation many people associate with travel. However, because of its flexible nature, web development can be a perfect option for looking for the freedom to work remotely. The BLS notes 16% of web developers are self-employed, and their work can be done anywhere, making it a good occupation for digital nomads or those who want to travel frequently.

Some web developers are self-taught, while others have an associate or bachelor’s degree in a web design field. According to our Best Jobs data, web developers get high scores across the board in metrics such as stress, work-life balance and future growth.




Median Salary: $80,300
Expected Job Growth by 2028: 3.2%

Geographers are experts on the Earth and its features. They often conduct fieldwork to gather data about various regions’ physical attributes and how development impacts them. Some geographers specialize in human geography and focus on how people interact with the physical environment around them.

The majority of geographers – 60% according to the BLS – are employed by the federal government. A bachelor’s degree in geography is sufficient for many entry-level jobs, but a master’s degree is required for advanced positions.


2.Landscaper and Groundskeeper

landscaper and Groundskeeper
landscaper and Groundskeeper

Median Salary: $29,000
Expected Job Growth by 2028: 8.8%

People who maintain lawns and landscaping benefit from a low-stress job that may give them plenty of time to pursue travel and other activities. Depending on where they work, landscapers and groundskeepers may have seasonal positions that give them the flexibility to travel for other work or pleasure during a portion of the year.

These professionals don’t necessarily need any formal education to do their jobs. However, a good work ethic and physical fitness can be essential for a successful career in the field. Those who decide to go to school for a bachelor’s degree may find work designing outdoor spaces as a landscape architect.



Best Commercial Pilot Training Schools Sibulan Airport, Dumaguete Cebu Manila Philippines
Female Pilot

Median Salary: $115,670
Expected Job Growth by 2028: 5.6%

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see pilots on a list of great jobs that allow you to travel. These professionals fly passengers and cargo to points all over the world. Between flights, pilots may have the opportunity to explore some of the most popular and beautiful destinations worldwide.

To fly commercially, a pilot must have a commercial pilot’s license from the Federal Aviation Administration. Airline pilots usually have a bachelor’s degree and may start as commercial pilots flying charter flights or aerial tours. It’s only after they have spent thousands of hours in the air that an airline will put them in the cockpit to fly their customers on domestic or international routes.


Source: | US News