The Best Revision Tips For Students

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GCSE’s. A Level’s. University. When does it stop?

This period of time can feel never ending, if not stressful. Where to begin? Where to begin? It’s overwhelming, to say the least, but everyone goes through it and it can be managed. Deep breath and relax, here are some tips to help with your revision

Start early

No one wants to cram all their revision in a month before the exams begin, that’s called panic revision. People become more stressed when this happens and are more likely to forget everything that they have tried to squeeze in. It will be easier to gradually begin over a few months lightly rather than all at once.


Make a timetable

Schedule out your priorities. It’s important to not overwhelm yourself with revision as this can get too much. Make time for yourself and for a social life. Having a break every hour or so will help your brain breathe through the revision.


Find out what works for you

Writing things down, mind maps, videos or listening to people speak. Different techniques help different people. Making sure that what you do for your revision works for you will help you in the long run.


Get support if needed

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Schools offer support groups for out of hours services to help people who need it. Use it. This can be really beneficial as you get one on one time with your teacher to go over things that you may find more difficult. If you prefer looking for tutor’s, then these are available in your local area online or through recommendations which can also be suitable for many.


Just remember to give 110%. You can’t change what happens and what grade you get, so as long as you know you did your best and put the work in – that’s all that matters. Good luck over the next year.