Best Sales and Marketing Jobs 2020

Insurance Sales Agent
Insurance Sales Agent

When you want to buy, use or consume a product or service, someone in the sales and marketing industry likely sold it to you or put it on your radar.

From entry-level positions like a retail salesperson to jobs that require more experience and training, like sales manager, our list of the Best Sales and Marketing Jobs includes a variety of careers that are ideal for someone who would describe him or herself as a natural people person.

Other occupations on our 2020 Best Sales and Marketing Jobs list include marketing manager, insurance sales agent and real estate agent.


Here Are The Best Sales and Marketing Jobs 2020


7. Telemarketers

Call Center

Telemarketers should have a relaxed and calm attitude when interacting with potential customers. The job might seem repetitive, but you must be able to persuade all types of people into buying your products or using your services.


6. Retail Salesperson

Retail Salesperson
Retail Salesperson

Schedule flexibility gives retail salespeople a top score for work-life balance. This job does not always require a 9-to-5 schedule, and some even use it as a second, part-time job.


5. Sales Representative

How To Be Successful Sales Representative
Sales Representative

This profession tends to be fickle, as job growth can depend on the economy being up. Sales reps must be able to evolve with changing products and anticipate their customer’s needs.


4. Real Estate Agent

Real Estate
Real Estate Agent working

Real estate goes beyond sales. Those in this field must know their communities and clients to be successful. Great agents also understand the financial and business aspects of the job.


3. Sales managers

Sales Managers
Sales Managers

Sales managers guide their teams by setting goals, training their staff and developing new strategies to achieve quotas. Many employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in business administration. However, one isn’t always needed.


2. Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance Sales Agent
Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance sales agents are the go-to source for the different available insurance policies. These agents typically contact potential customers to sell various insurance types.


1. Marketing Manager

Marketing manager
Marketing manager

In the world of buying and selling, marketing managers are responsible for figuring out the price to help organizations maximize their profits. They also make sure a company”s customers are satisfied, estimate the demand for the company products and services and determine possible markets for those products.



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