Best Scholarships Websites For American Students

Best Scholarships Websites For American Students
Best Scholarships Websites For American Students

A New Year is the perfect time to reboot your scholarships search! Check out University Magazine list of scholarships to apply for throughout 2018, with options that just about every student qualifies for.

When you start your college search, you’ll also want to research options that can help you reduce the cost of your education. Scholarships don’t have to be paid back and can make a significant dent in your total bill for college. Not sure where to look? This list of free scholarship search engines and other scholarship sources is a good place to start.


1. Federal Student Aid

This official government site should be every student’s first stop. In addition to providing extensive information about financial aid, Federal StudentAid also offers a unique search engine that allows you to search for scholarships related to your major. You’ll also find answers to commonly asked questions about applying for scholarships and combining scholarships with your other financial aid.


2. CollegeBoard

The CollegeBoard Scholarship Search database contains $6 billion in aid opportunities from 2,000+ sources. After filling out a brief questionnaire, users can see scholarships and grants that match their education level and academic background.


3. FastWeb

Recommended by over 16,000 high schools and 3,600 colleges, FastWeb is a free service that matches students with scholarships. The FastWeb database holds more than 1.3 million scholarships worth over $3 billion. Scholarships can be located based on your age, education level, intended major and military status.


4. has been around since 1998 and has information on nearly 3 million scholarship opportunities totaling almost $2 billion. Students fill out a questionnaire about their academic background and personal interests and are given scholarship options based on their answers.


5. provides a constantly updated database of scholarships for college students. After filling out a brief questionnaire about hobbies, interests and academic background, students are given a list of scholarships for which they are eligible.


6.Niche Scholarships

College scholarship without essay or GPA requirements. The easy scholarship application for high school and college students.


7. More Scholarship Sources

Scholarship search engines aren’t the only way to find academic scholarships online. You can also browse for scholarships using a basic search engine like Google. Searching the sites of professional organizations or industry associations related to your major is another good way to find scholarships and other forms of financial aid. Finally, do not rule out state government, local government, college or university websites. These sources can be good places to find the grant, fellowship, and scholarship programs.