Best States for Millennial 2019

Best States for Millennial 2019
Best States for Millennial 2019

Loved by marketers yet vilified by media, millennials are at once the most popular and unpopular generation alive.

They’re projected to become the largest in 2019, too, giving them a huge influence on American culture and consumption. Today, these early-20-to-early-30-somethings are often depicted through negative stereotypes entitled, parentally dependent, emotionally fragile.

Despite millennials’ trillion-dollar purchasing power and higher educational attainment, they are economically worse off than their parents. Why? The financial crisis remains a big part of the reason.

Millennials have come of age and entered the workforce in the shadow of the Great Recession, which has significantly reduced their job prospects and earning potential for decades to come. By one estimate, millennials today earn 20 percent less than Baby Boomers did at the same age.

But the millennial experience is not the same everywhere. WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia to determine where this generation has thrived and struggled.

We examined each state and the District across 36 key metrics, ranging from millennials’ share to the millennial unemployment rate to millennial voter-turnout rate.

Source: WalletHub