Best Student Credit Cards Canada 2017

Best Student Credit Cards Canada 2017
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As we all know now everything requires a credit card from an online purchase to buying a plane ticket to the rental car.

Since you are doing all those why not get rewards from all your purchases, rewards can include cash back, travel points that can be used to buy  Gift Cards, plane tickets or even offset cost from your next trip to your mommy home or even summer vacation

Here is the top Credit Cards University Magazine Recommend for students to start building their Credit History, Which will make it easier in the future to get big loans for a mortgage or even business loans at the competitive rates on the markets.


1. BMO SPC CashBack Student MasterCard

BMO SPC CashBack Student Mastercard
BMO SPC CashBack Student Mastercard |
BMO has raised the student credit card game with the SPC CashBack MasterCard. It does not have any annual fee, 1% cash back on ALL purchases, a $60 cashback welcome benefit (limited time offer) and a free of charge SPC regular membership a value of $10 each year!

Through the SPC student devotion program, you will get an additional 10-15% student discount at hundreds of Stores across Canada (McDonald’s, Pizza Pizza, Sportchek, Old Navy, Thai Express, The Source, Petro-Canada, Forever 21, Aldo

The SPC MasterCard also automatically doubles your manufacturer’s guarantee for up to 1 year and has purchase coverage, which insures you against theft or damage for purchases made out of the credit card for 90 days. Imagine buying an iPhone, and within three months it drops as well as your screen cracks you are covered.
Using a $60 sign-up bonus, no annual payment, 1% cash return, free SPC account providing you 10-15% student discounts and easy acceptance, this card is a no-brainer.

2. Scotiabank Scene Visa Card

Scotiabank Scene Visa Card
Scene Card |
The Scotia Scene Visa is a great card for students. It is the Fastest and simplest way to watch free movies With just 1,000 Points you can see any movie at Cineplex, Scotia, Famous Players, Silver City or Galaxy Theater.

Scotia is offering a 2,000 point sign-up bonus 2 FREE films with no annual fees when you make your first purchase.

All you need to do is make one purchase, a pack of gum can do, and you simply get two free movies, with no annual fee, which makes it four free times in the house, no strings attached.
Earning is simple. You get 1 Scene point for every dollar you spend on the card, plus 5 Scene points for every dollar you spend at Cineplex theaters



3. BMO SPC AIR MILES Student MasterCard

BMO SPC CashBack Student Mastercard
BMO SPC CashBack Student Mastercard |
That is one of the most popular student bank cards in Canada, mostly due to the popularity of mid-air Mls program. It does not have any annual cost, just increased its pleasant extra to a outdoors 500 AIR A long way (for a limited time only), earns students 1 AIR A long way reward mile for every $20 in spend and gives students 10-15% off through SPC at 100’s of CanMiles Learner MasterCardada’s best sellers and restaurants (McDonald’s, Burger King, GAP, Aldo, THE FOUNDATION, Petro-Canada, automatically applied to their purchase.

With a 500 AIR A long way sign-up extra, no annual payment, and a free SPC account, it is a fantastic reward greeting card for students who gather Air Miles.

The other nice feature of this card is the fact it automatically doubles your manufacturer’s warranty for up to 1 year, and it insures you against robbery or harm for purchases made with the cards for three months. Imagine buying an iPad, and within 90 days it drops and your screen cracks – you are covered.

However, as with almost all of our student bank cards, it is designed to get students started out on their street to a healthy credit score and credit score. Students do not desire a credit rating, part-time income, research letter or parents personal to be approved – you need to be a student without credit blemishes, and without the annual fee, you will get your 500 AIR MILES welcome reward and a minimum $500 line of credit.


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