The Best Tools for Smart but Lazy Students in Canada

student in a classroom
student in a classroom

Laziness is not a feature limited to a specific group of people with certain characteristics. It’s something that every one of us has to a bigger or lesser extent. Some students, for example, are so fond of laziness that they prefer to do only those things that make them happy. These things often don’t include studying specific subjects, but only those that they think will lead them to success.

This approach seems justified, right? What if laziness helps to become more successful by focusing your effort on something you like? Well, in reality, this was true for many people. For example, the list of great individuals who were lazy includes Picasso, Einstein, Mendeleev, Newton, and many other famous people.

To ensure that their need to be lazy is satisfied, they become more inventive and entrepreneurial than others. As a result, they can accomplish complex tasks more efficiently than other people.

In this article, we will help lazy but smart students in Canada –a country with a student population of more than 5 million – to satisfy their need to be lazy by giving them four useful online tools.


1. Pzizz – For Power Naps

Do you believe that power naps are an effective way to rejuvenate your brain and increase your productivity? If you do, this app is for you. One of the most advanced sleep and power nap systems uses effective psychoacoustic principles to create fantastic dreamscapes that help the user fall asleep very fast and wake up feeling refreshed.

“The main idea behind psychoacoustics is the product of that sound wave unconscious activity within the brain,” explains Mark Whittaker, a student consultant at Proessaywriting. “Of course, this science has a lot of implications, including increasing productivity of students by helping them take advantage of quick power naps.”
For more information on psychoacoustics, check out Pzizz’s official website’s blog, where the app’s developers explain the science behind their innovative approach.

The user can also modify the app to personalize their experience; for example, they can adjust sleep duration, 3D effect, voice gender, and volumes. Pzizz is available for iOS and Android and has been praised by famous users such as J.K. Rowling and NBA star Roy Hibbert.


2. CourseHero – For Study Aid

Coursera is essentially a vast collection of study materials from Canadian and international universities that you can use to increase the efficiency of your preparation and learning. For example, to find materials for your course or specific lesson within that course, you have to use the search feature and select the needed material from the database.

The examples of materials that you can find include instructions, examples of student works, discussions by CourseHero users and others. Another useful function is asking questions to tutors. Yes, CourseHero has tutors who will gladly answer your question about your course if you’re having a hard time understanding something.

In addition to the official website, this great tool is also available as an Android and iOS app.


3. Quizlet – Studying Materials

You know what they say, lazy people are fast learners because they don’t have the time to mess around with books and other materials. If you feel like this applies to you, check out Quizlet. It’s an online tool similar to CourseHero because it provides an enormous collection of materials for studying, including quizzes, data sets, books, and interactive learning tools.

For example, even without registration, you can access tens of thousands of data sets about courses and topics and find answers to terms, discussion posts, essays, and other academic assignments. Moreover, the search process is straightforward, so you’ll find the materials you need in seconds.

To make learning easier on the go, Quizlet is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS.


4.Wunderlist – Agenda App

Despite a popular opinion, lazy people can be excellent time managers if they want to accomplish something. If you need an app to enhance your time management skills, look at Wunderlist. At first glance, it may seem that it’s another task maker, but in reality, you’ll find that it has a strong focus on helping you manage tasks.

For example, you can use it to increase your learning efficiency by creating a project for each module and assigning it a list of tasks and reminders to be completed. Every individual list item can have a due date and a reminder. As a result, you’ll never forget about a task you have to do for your class.

Wunderlist works across all major devices, including Mac, Windows Phone, iOS, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, and web.


Author: Tom Jager is a professional blogger. He works as A-writer.  He has a degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him at G+.


Written by: Tom Jager