The Best Trending Careers for Students

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Getting a great job is the most important goals of the majority of students right now. And it’s not just a suggestion. According to the Graduate Future Plans Survey (GFPS) conducted in 2017 by the Office of Institutional Research and Planning, the vast majority of students is planning to pursue employment-related goals.

Specifically, 49 percent of students surveyed by the organization said that employment was their most important goal while 24 percent reported that seeking employment was on top of their list of priorities after graduation.

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of them or have a similar goal of scoring a well-paid job. In this article, I’ve compiled the list of HOW MANY hot careers for students in the next years that you should definitely check out if you’re looking for a challenging and high-paying job.


1. Software Engineer

Income: $80,000+

The first job on our list is also one of the most well-paid ones. According to PayScale, right out of college, you can get an average salary of about $83,000 if you don’t mind working in this IT field. Software engineering is a complex process of creating a software piece that has a specific range of functions from a set of requirements.

Career opportunities in the field are amazing because the world of IT is developing very rapidly. The list of skills critical to the success of a software engineer includes machine learning, artificial intelligence, open source, and many others.


2. Machine Learning Engineer

Salary: $100,000

“With the rise of AI and machine learning, every company will need to hire at least some machine learning engineers to streamline its operations in the next decade,” explains Vince Morrison, a talent acquisition expert from Write My Essay For Me. “In fact, the revolution has already started, and one doesn’t need to apply too much effort to find the evidence of that.”

For example, a quick search for “Machine Learning Engineer” on Indeed conducted this September returned 15,605 jobs. And that is just one job board. Imagine how many companies will be looking for engineers when AI really takes off.


3. Nursing Anesthetist

Salary: $96,000

Healthcare-related jobs will be in high demand in the next decade because of many factors, including the aging population and an increasing prevalence of both chronic and acute diseases. One of the most needed professionals at this point is nursing anesthetist who essentially works as an advanced practice nurse and is currently the only certified personnel to deliver anesthesia in two of three hospitals in the rural U.S., according to the Nurse Journal.

The same source also suggests a 31 percent increase in the profession over the next decade, because there’s always a need of pain relief in healthcare and the shortage of nursing personnel is causing anesthetists’ role to become more prominent.


4. Recruiter

Salary: $48,000

Although the average salary of a recruiter isn’t as high as software engineer’s or other mentioned above, the role of a recruiter will become much more prominent in the next years. Don’t let the rise of recruitment tools discourage you because 77 percent of job seekers prefer human interaction when looking for jobs, and companies realize that.
In other words, no recruiting tool will ever replace humans.

After all, only a person can effectively assess a candidate during an interview and even detect if they are lying on their resume, so this job is pretty much safe. Moreover, with an ever-increasing realization of the importance of human interaction in recruiting, it’s quite possible that the number of available jobs will increase.


5. Mobile App Developer

Salary: $97,000

The world of mobile apps has been developing at the speed of light in the recent years due to a rapidly rising need for sophisticated apps. According to CNN Money, this is one of the fastest growing ones in the U.S., with the 10-year job growth of about 19 percent.

“Whether you’re Snapchatting with friends or catching Pokémon, you probably spend time every day using the creations of mobile app developers,” CNNMoney said in its new “Best Jobs in America” report referenced above. “They aren’t necessarily saving the world, but mobile app developers get to create something that can reach millions of people on a daily basis.


6. Massage Therapist

Salary: $40,000

A massage therapist is someone who treats patients by using touch to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of these professionals is projected to increase by 26 percent from 2016 to 2026, making it one of the fastest growing occupations.


7. Information Security Analyst

Salary: $80,000

Information security already is a hot topic in the IT sphere and will continue to be relevant in the next decade. The recent report Hacking the Skills Shortage by McAfee supports this. According to this report that surveyed 775 IT and cybersecurity decision makers, 82 percent of them said they experienced a shortage of cybersecurity skills within their company.

This translates into more job openings for information security analysts in the nearest future and an increasing importance of the profession.


Author: Tom Jager is a professional blogger. He works at A-writer. He has a degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him at G+ , Facebook