Best Universities In Ontario 2019

Work And Study In Canada At The Same
Work And Study In Canada At The Same

Studying in Ontario, Canada. Home to 40% of the country’s population and more international students than any other province, Ontario is the most populous (and popular) part of the country.

Perhaps this is because of the sheer number of options for people studying in Ontario: it borders the wilderness and Great Lakes, but also major US cities; it has big well-known universities and small, specialist colleges.

It has every kind of weather you can think of, too.

If you are still stuck on which Canadian province to choose, it’s hard to go wrong with Ontario.

Here are the Best Universities In Ontario 2019

1University of Toronto90,077
2University of Waterloo31,380
3Western University31,638
4York University52,300
5Queen's University28,272
6Carleton University30,416
7University of Ottawa41,749
8McMaster University31,265
9Ryerson University41,900
10University of Guelph27,890
11University of Windsor15,432
12Brock University18,704
13Wilfrid Laurier University20,151
14Trent University8,205
15Lakehead University7,848

The entire Canadian education system is famed for its quality, but Ontario holds the crown when it comes to having the most top-notch schools within its borders. Out of the top 10 Canadian universities, 6 are in Ontario including the University of Toronto, McMaster University, the University of Waterloo,

Western University and Queen’s University. Out of the entire University Magazine ranking, Ontario also has the most entries with 11 institutions ranked, versus 6 in Quebec and 3 in British Columbia. You can’t argue with that.