How to Book a Holiday Online

Guide to booking a holiday

Booking your first holiday is exciting for anybody. You’ve saved up and are taking those adult steps towards travelling without supervision! So how do you do it? Is it easy? All you’ll need is a computer/laptop, internet connection and a credit or debit card!


Here is all you need to know about booking a holiday online!


Know Where You’re Going

If you already have a strong idea of where and when you are looking go, excellent! But keep reading, you’ll still want to find the best deals!

If not, are looking for an all-inclusive? A city break? Do you want a beach and sun? Or snow and fun? Use a search engine to find the lowest cost holidays for the season you wish to go and save money.

Remember out of season (usually term times) is always cheaper as the demand is less so if you can, aim to fly out then! Summer and Christmas see flights and accommodation skyrocket, so try to avoid these months!

Find the Best Prices

Once you’ve decided, shop around for the best prices. Visit price comparison sites and tour operators to get a look at deals and the cheapest flights.

Skyscanner is an excellent site that finds you the best travel options wherever you are looking to go! Head there to find the cheapest flights available for your time of travel.

Other great sites like, can point you in the direction of the cheapest accommodation, whatever holiday you are looking to have. There are plenty more sites at your disposal, so check out as many as you can to find the best deal!

If you wish to have someone do the hard graft for you, you can always visit a travel agent, but remember they tend to come with a fee!


Make Sure to Cover All Other Necessary Travel Arrangements

Booking other travel arrangements is vital! Make sure you know exactly how you’ll be travelling to the airport and how to get from the airport to your holiday accommodation!

Lots of tour operators offer shuttle buses at a fee to take you to and from the airport, but these can be pricey! Coaches can be much cheaper, but take a bit longer!

If you drive, hiring a car could be an option if you don’t mind spending more. It’ll also mean all your travel is covered during your stay! Try not to drive to the airport on the day of your departure yourself though, as renting a parking space is pricey and can be unsafe for your vehicle. Get a lift or travel there using public transport!

Make sure you’re aware of all the travel options available to you and get clued up on the travel choices the country you’ll be visiting offers so you aren’t faced with extra costs once you land!


Any Other Costs?

Most tour operators offer travel insurance if that’s a route you want to take, although avoid taking valuables on holiday with you, unless necessary, to evade any unfortunate situations!

Double check the airline’s weight limits of luggage and carry-ons, you may have to pay extra if your bag is over the limit! And make sure to check if the airline requires you to pay for checked luggage.

Additional fees could include reserving seats on the plane, the location of your seat and flying different classes, as well as refreshments!


Go Ahead and Book!

Once you are satisfied you’ve found your ideal holiday, it’s now time to book!

Double check all dates and times before checking out, fill in your details correctly and keep all correspondence from the booking date until after your holiday, just in case anything goes wrong!

Bon voyage and have a safe trip!