How to Boost Your Essay Grades Last Minute

Sometimes hard to come up with excellent essay content. You feel the points you’re making have been over-explored, and your argument is weak. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of uni life that sometimes you don’t know how to approach an assignment.

And with the deadline ticking ever closer, how can you boost our essay grades? Writing an essay is easy if you know the basic structure, which is sometimes not clear to students. Writing an essay is an important part of being a college student, and the way the college professor from your course will measure how well you understand the course and your thought process and writing style.


How to Boost Your Essay Grades Last Minute


Word count

There is a general rule of thumb at universities regarding word count: you can go 10% over, but no more. It will be reflected in your grades, so keep it concise.

Different universities deal with word count misconducts individually. Some will deduct a certain amount of marks, others will only mark up to the word count, and anything following will be ignored. Keep this in mind.



Essay plans can be a lifesaver when you’re unsure of your content. Even if your argument is lacking, a plan forces you to express it via a clear and solid structure. How your case manifests and is argued in an essay is half the battle of good writing. Ensure you format it correctly.

Have a case statement in your introduction, dissect it in the main body and tie the whole thing up with a solid conclusion. Make sure your conclusion has a definite position and avoid leaving it open-ended. It shows the marker of your final stand on the question and texts.



Consistent referencing can increase your marks quickly. Referencing should be easy. It would be best to put the time in to make sure you’ve applied it correctly.

Most universities have their preferred citation style. So whether it’s MHRA, MLA, APA or Harvard, get to know yours!. Many great online resources will reorganize and correctly cite your work, so try them out.



The theory is vital in university essays. You must always include citations with a submission of writing, whatever the word count. But while having an idea is one thing, engaging with it effectively is quite another.

Don’t be scared to argue against a theorist. Examiners want to hear your opinion! If you disagree with a statement, take a stand and explain your view clearly and concisely. Avoid using theory only to support your points.

Remember: theory is not a word count booster but a device to strengthen your argument. Therefore, always critically engage with any quotes you incorporate and explain why you have included that reading in your piece.